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NZ’s indelible mark

Well, apologies to any disapproving family/friends out there, because today I popped my tattoo cherry! I have been wanting to get a tattoo for quite a few years now, but have always baulked at the last moment due to the glaringly obvious risk with it – … Continue reading

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A food odyssey

I am writing this with my first hangover of the trip – ouch… I haven’t been drawn to alcohol at all on my travels and have quite enjoyed the clear-headed smugness that comes with such abstinence, not to mention the … Continue reading

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Scenery mind-tricks

I arrived in Queenstown yesterday evening and was pleasantly surprised not to be greeted by hordes of staggering, beer-breathed late teens clogging up the streets (or ‘twatpackers’, as a Lancashire bloke I met affectionately referred to them as – classic no-frills northern bob-on description). I’d been … Continue reading

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Here comes the sun

I have half an hour before I have to catch my bus to Queenstown, so I just wanted to let you know quickly about my awesome kayak on the Sound this morning. For  a start it was DRY. It was also a very atmospheric … Continue reading

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Land of A Thousand Veils

Today I am both saturated and sated by the watery delights of Milford Sound. I started the day with a headache and a desire to stay in bed as the rain pounded down outside, having been up very late doing … Continue reading

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The sound of water

Firstly, I’d like to start today’s blog with a heartfelt apology to my lovely, hard-working brother-in-law, Hugh, for my tactless comment regarding chocolate companies yesterday (Hugh works for Mars – D’OH!). Hugh – I’m sorry, it was nothing personal – … Continue reading

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A nocturnal adventure

It was with great pleasure that I watched the Stewart Island town of Oban retreating into twinkling twilight from the back of a ferry last night. We were on our way to find wild kiwi in its native habitat on … Continue reading

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