Lazy Day

I am very proud of myself as today I have been lazy. Well, when I say lazy, I still did my hour of yoga and took a long walk up the beach and back and went in the sea for an evening dip. But apart from that, I did nothing except read my book, swing in a hammock, watch the waves and chat to some of the other hostellers. For me that’s a lazy day – I could get used to this.

I realised today that I can easily stand on a beach for hours. The crashing surf drowns out all worries and distractions, and any doubt or uncertainty is washed away by the concrete realisation that the waves will just keep on rolling in. For me, it’s the perfect way to focus my busy head on the present moment, and the sense of peace that that brings with it.

Just one more observation from the day. Here is an extract of an overheard conversation between two locals on the beach, who were sitting on a rock watching the world go by.

Man 1: “That guy there, that’s Old Jack’s son.”
Man 2: “Oh really? What’s his name?”
Man 1: “Young Jack.”

Made me chuckle – life seems enviably simple here…

Today’s beachcombing pickings (well, I also found a large, dead cuttlefish thing that had had its insides pecked out by gulls and putrefied by flies, but no photo of that you’ll be pleased to hear). These things fly down the beach like demented arachnids, but actually are plants with an ingenious rolling method of dispersal. Like tumble-weed on acid.

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2 Responses to Lazy Day

  1. Mum and Dad says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day, simple pleasures in a beautiful place Am very envious Becky! The quality of your writing is superb, you really should use the blog as the backbone of a book,look forward to reading your next instalment. Love from Mum and Dadxx

  2. beckymayhem says:

    Thanks mum and dad – it’s a pleasure writing it… 🙂 But two words: parental bias?! lots of love to you both xxx

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