The most expensive muffin in the world

I’m yet again benefiting from the free wi-fi in another flashy, packed library in another otherwise sleepy town in the Far North (Kerikeri). But this time I’m here under duress, as I missed my bus connection, oops.

The bus driver told us to use the changeover of 15 minutes to grab a coffee, so myself and another girl who I’d met at the Cape Reinga hostel did just that. We only went round the corner, but perhaps we did get a bit too excited by the tempting cinnamon and blueberry muffins, and perhaps we did dally a little too much, exclaiming over how fantastic the combination of warm muffin with butter and coffee was… Anyway, we were just getting up to leave when a full coach drifted past the window and off into obscurity. This is a very quiet town, so there was a dull thud of realisation that it had to be our bus…

It was a very tasty muffin, but possibly not worth the extra 40 dollars for a new bus ticket. And then there was the trip to the clothes shop to kill some time, and the spontaneous purchase of a dress in the sales… So yes, probably the most expensive muffin in the world.

Oh well, the dress is rather lovely and, although I really shouldn’t be purchasing clothes on my budget as I am officially currently unemployed (I still get a shiver down my spine whenever I say that), I figured that it’s my birthday on Sunday, and this can be my present to myself (and, I reiterate, it was in the sale). Females have an uncanny ability to seek justification for clothes purchases, even in the most unlikely circumstances – it’s a very useful skill.

Anyway, another hour to kill, after which we will both be first in the queue at the bus stop for the last bus south (there are only two per day). The nice thing is how relaxed I feel about it all – even though my luggage is sailing south on another bus without me. The very friendly woman who sorted us out with new tickets assured us we’d be reunited at the other end, and the kiwis are so lovely, I have no doubt of this. Happy times, even amidst muffin-induced travel chaos…

Bit of a cheat photo today, as it was taken during the Cape Reinga tour a couple of days ago. It’s a vast kauri tree trunk that was dredged up from a swamp in 1994. Radiocarbon dating suggests that the tree had been lying submerged for between 45,000 and 50,000 years. It is so big (diameter of 3.4m) that a staircase has been carved through its interior – thought to be the only internal tree staircase in the world. The pictures show it from the outside, and my leg descending the staircase on the inside. Despite its sad relegation to tacky tourist photo opportunity in a gift shop, this is the remnant of a seriously huge, noble tree, and I felt honoured to have met it along my travels.

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One Response to The most expensive muffin in the world

  1. Gary says:

    It’s amazing how polite and helpfull people are over there, isn’t it? Hope you managed to get your luggage back!

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