Peace and tranquility

After my active morning surfing and blogging in the library afterwards, I had a really peaceful afternoon exploring the quiet Raglan estuary, where the water is still and the waders gently potter through the shallows. Even the cicadas seemed quieter around the water’s edge, and the only other sound to disturb the peace was the gentle crunch of shells beneath my feet as I meandered across the sand. I spent a long time watching the birds, including the white-faced heron in the photo below which, in my head, became an aquatic kiwi with its long beak. The hills surrounding the estuary reminded me of the Lake District, which might be why I felt so at home there.


The aquatic kiwi

I returned here after dinner and did my yoga at the water’s edge at sunset. The clarity of light was startling – like a wintry day in the UK, but with the bonus of warmth. I haven’t felt as peaceful as this for a long time. There’s no rush here, no expectations, and it’s infectious. I finally seem to have slowed down and can just exist, surrounded by beautiful nature. I wish I was staying a few more days, but old habits die hard, including my level of organisation, and I have booked my onward bus journey out of here on Thursday. Perhaps my efficiency will dwindle as I continue my travels – I kind of hope so, as a bit of an experiment, although at the same time there is so much I’d like to see in NZ and not much time to see it in, so we’ll see. Perhaps when I hit the soporific heat of Thailand I’ll finally ditch the forward planning and just blob around on beaches, eating amazing curry – now there’s a thought… 🙂


The peaceful estuary in the evening light

Finally, as I write this, bagpipe practice had just started up in the adjacent building – apparently there are quite a few Scottish immigrants in this area (and indeed across NZ), and they practise regularly – it’s quite a surreal serenade.

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