A food odyssey

I am writing this with my first hangover of the trip – ouch… I haven’t been drawn to alcohol at all on my travels and have quite enjoyed the clear-headed smugness that comes with such abstinence, not to mention the easing of pressure on my poor, overworked credit card. Drinks are expensive here – I don’t know how the party-hard kids can afford to go out every night. I guess it’s just a shuffling of priorities – I’ve instead splashed my cash on regular ‘intoxication-by-wildlife’ experiences.

However (that most portentous of words…), last night I met up with a girl who’d I’d been at the Stewart Island hostel with and who also happened to be passing through Queenstown, and it felt rude not to partake in a spot of  grape and grain (yes the twain did meet – when will I learn?) related frivolity in NZ’s notorious party town. A few drinks later and I found myself in the scenario below, and able to mentally tick off another activity on my ‘things to do before I die’ list:

I actually think I wasn’t too bad at the old bucking bronco (that yoga-honed core strength has to come in handy for something), although my lightweight merriment put paid to any prolonged display of aptitude. Incidentally, the bar where this occurred (called, of course, ‘Cowboys’) is the bar where Mike Tindall was caught out cavorting with his ex on the  world rugby tournament last year – a dubious claim to fame).

Anyway, before I head off to catch my plane back to Auckland, I’ll leave you with some photos of yesterday’s food diary to get your saliva glands going. It’s been an absolute pleasure letting my taste-buds lead the way on this final stop-off of my travels round NZ.

Breakfast: flat white coffee (what else?) and gorgeous cinnamon, almond and raisin muffin.

Lunch: the mighty Fergburger with cheese (sun-glasses in shot for scale purposes). It struck me that this burger is even bigger and better than the burgers flagrantly mis-advertised on the Burger King/McDonald posters, yet alone the sad, wizened approximations that you’re actually presented with.

Afternoon snack: gorgeous hot chocolate with fresh, grated ginger from the experts in all things chocolate, the Patagonia cafe – it lived up to its much-lauded reputation.

Evening treat: Patagonia’s award-winning banana split ice-cream – boldly claimed to be the country’s best ice-cream experience, and I actually wouldn’t want to dispute that. My only criticism would be the blatant inadequacy of the pot that ‘contained’ it – the phrase ‘muffin-top’ springs to mind…

(I haven’t inserted a photo of tea, which was a crazy ready-steady-cook concoction of all my left-over ingredients back at the hostel as I absolutely HATE food waste. It wasn’t my finest culinary hour, but I did discover that alfalfa seeds go really well with cous cous and salsa.)

I can’t believe my time in NZ is nearly up – I only have a few days left of being a ‘bickpicker’ (kiwi for backpacker). Sad times. But Oz beckons, as well as a reunion with Will and Juliet in Ackland this weekend, and a stay with my great friend, Abi, in Brisbane next week. So sad with soon be replaced with glad… 🙂

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5 Responses to A food odyssey

  1. ambulavitz says:

    Wotcha. I had to google Fergburger because I was wondering what a ferg was, expecting it to be something vegetarian. Wrong.

    • beckymayhem says:

      Vegetarian it most certainly wasn’t – meat-fest would be a more accurate description. The company’s attitude towards vegetarianism can probably be surmised by its naming of the only veggie option on the menu as the ‘Holier Than Thou’ burger!

  2. Dad says:

    Hi love. Mum and I are assiduously following your blog, with the scintillating detail and graphic phraseology. You are being rewarded with a fantastic time. Remember, money is just a help to get the best out of life, so press on and enjoy – but keep the blog going. Looking forward to Skype 9pm our time, bearing in mind our clocks went forward an hour last weekend. Love Dad xx

  3. beckymayhem says:

    Thanks Dad – I am definitely trying to not let money get in the way of doing the things I really want to do and it’s worrying how easy it’s becoming! Anyway, really looking forward to seeing you on skype tomorrow (well, tonight for you…). Lots of love xxx

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