Market fresh

I’ve had another wonderfully relaxing day in Brisbane, luxuriating in the familiar before I once again embrace transience and and hit the backpacker trail tomorrow. It will be hard donning my heavy rucksack again and heading for mixed-dorm and shared fridge life, but also exciting to be discovering more of what Australia has to offer. I’m off to Byron Bay – home of surfers, holistic therapists, all kinds of yoga and, increasing numbers of chic and wealthy ozzie holiday-makers. I can’t wait to get on a surf board and relax into the chilled-out vibe on the famous white-sand beaches, where rainforests tumble straight onto the sand from the adjacent cliffs.

Anyway, I made the most of my last day in Brisbane by heading back to West End, which is a place where I feel very hippy-happy and at home, and then onto the city centre, where I happened upon a wonderful farmers’ market – perfect timing. I spent a good hour meandering through the stalls, snapping photos surreptitiously and making the most of all the free food samples (spot the backpacker). I then finished the day with the awesome Wednesday yoga practice that I so enjoyed last week – one of the reasons I’ve spent so long here is so that I could attend again, and it didn’t let me down. At one stage we were discussing the importance of hooking your toes around your forearm in a particularly weird half-lotus arm-balance (one-legged heron?) and I confessed that I have weirdly immobile toes, despite years of trying to mobilise them, like Uma Thurman did in Kill Bill. I am so envious of people who can lift each toe separately and spread them out wide, which most serious yogis certainly seem to be able to do; mine barely move and are all moulded together like baked beans (a weird family trait). Anyway, probably far too much information about my feet but, as a remedy, one of the teachers gifted me the silicon contraptions below, which she said sorted her toes out, so we’ll see what happens.

They are blimmin’ uncomfortable though – perhaps I’ve not had enough pedicures in my life (actually, on that, I’ve had precisely two – on the second one the girl actually ‘flayed’ me with a razor-blade and left a bleeding weal on the side of my big toe – funnily enough, I’ve never had one since!). Anyway, apologies to any foot-phobics out there – time to change the subject…

It’s been so  lovely hanging out with Abi and family for ten days and I am feeling very relaxed and restored from the break (I know I’m hardly going to generate much sympathy from this, but I have discovered travelling can get draining after a while!). However, it’s definitely time I left them in peace for a while, and let Esther have her room back (thanks Esther!).

Below are some photos of the bright and colourful market that I so enjoyed exploring this afternoon:

A macaroon rainbow.

And finally, I purchased some very pretty cupcakes from the market to say thank you to my hosts – just look at them there below, mmmm (flavours being: red velvet; lime and coconut; passionfruit and banana; and chocolate)…

Post-script later on: we very diplomatically quartered each one, and enjoyed a cup-cake tasting session, with earnest furrowed brows and pseudo master-chef commentary: “Yah, this one definitely has a hint of polenta flour or ground almond in it.” / “Hmmm, I’m getting hints of pineapple.” / “Oh, not as light as I would have hoped.” etc, etc. For my part, I couldn’t get the voice of Lloyd Grossman out of my head, nasally intoning “Who lives in a cup-cake like this?”, in a weird pastiche of his best-known presenter roles (sorry: target audience – definitely showing my age there).

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2 Responses to Market fresh

  1. Jen says:

    I like your foot and mouth (well food) focussed musings today Becky and can affectionately picture your baked beans toes! Your photos are great too, although it is no suprise to me that once you worked out how to use a camera (zoom on safari??) you are quite a natural at the old arty shot. Have a fantastic time back on the road! Love jen

    PS I retold the “lambs with worms” explanation to a colleague last week who is in love with frollicking lambs at this time of year. I couldn’t for the life of me remember where this sad truth came from and would never have guessed that it was from your granny!

    • Becky says:

      Ah, thanks Jen… 🙂 I feel bad now for exploding the frolicking lamb myth for others. Although, stubbornly, I do still believe they are just full of delight at the spring sunshine… xx

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