Sofa-based procrastination

Today the sun is shining in Brisbane, but I am indoors under duress, dragging myself with difficulty back towards the now-hazy world of work and responsibility as I prepare for an ‘across the ether’ job interview this evening. I have had a long talk with my brain, which seems to be stubbornly within the la-la land of white-sand beaches, surfing and muffins, and gradually I’m pulling it back into line as I attempt to re-familiarise myself with UK planning policy and environmental legislation. I have been learning so much about the exciting New Zealand and Australian wildlife but it’s actually really lovely to be looking once more at archetypal, fluffy symbols of Britishness such as badgers and red squirrels, bless.

I did have a mini-break this morning and went for a run in the sun (big mistake – nearly fainted), and decided to test my theory that the Ozzies are really particular about walking to the left hand side of each other on pavements. I indisputably confirmed this theory by deliberately running to the right hand side of oncoming pedestrians, and watching the ripple of emotions play across people’s faces (confusion, irritation, disbelief, resignment…) and the tangle of limbs and drunken weaving across the tarmac as they struggled to cope with this flouting of the norm. Bloody poms and their awkwards ways.

There’s a lot of talk about Ozzies being a really laid-back, classless society, but I have been noticing (and this pedestrian case study demonstrates perfectly) that there are a lot of underlying, tacit rules and reservations that Ozzies conform to. From watching the news, they also seem to be quite conservative in many of their views regarding topics such as alcohol, drugs, sexuality… I know this is a huge generalisation, but is something I’ve been amorphously sensing during my time here so far. Further elucidation will be forthcoming as and when/if it reaches me!

Anyway, blatant procrastination (the May girls rule at procrastinating for as long as possible and then suddenly leaping into a last-minute whirlwind of intense productivity) but to briefly escape the dry text of government documents, I decided I needed to squeeze out some of my creative juices. So, inspired by the Byron Bay poem yesterday, I just put my own little verse together about some of the joys of this travelling lark. Hope it inspires you to take a walk… 🙂

Living The Dream (by Becky May – derr)
The first step is mental;
The decision to explore.
The second is physical,
As you step out of the door.
From thereon it’s a journey,
Wherever you travel.
In hidden corners of the Earth
Preconceptions unravel.
The mind starts to expand,
Your senses are awake.
The body follows swiftly
Due to too much cake.
Every day is a challenge,
You feel totally alive.
Outside your comfort zone
Is where you start to thrive.
You know yourself better,
Inner peace takes hold.
Negative thoughts are banished
By venturing forth, being bold.
Your glazed eyes are refreshed,
The world shines just for you.
Curiosity is piqued
And hope surges anew.
So take a step out of your life,
No matter how hard it seems.
I bet you will find
True life in your dreams.

Sigh, there goes my brain again, melting into a broth of sun, sea and sand. Oi, brain, come back, I need you back on the sofa right now…

PS – Susie – please review the grammar and let me know if anything assaults your OGD sensibilities as I would hate to cause offence to a fellow sufferer of this terrible affliction.

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