Sleepy musings

Back in Brisbane, and good to be once again ensconced in family life. Abi cooked the most gorgeous Tasmanian salmon fillet with a mountain of leafy greens and the creamiest boiled potatos with coriander this evening (sorry, no photo, Sarah). She definitely has a magic touch in the kitchen, lucky me…

I wasn’t going to blog today due to sleepy brain after two action-packed days in the fresh air on Fraser Island, but Tim is watching the Grand Prix and I’m on the sofa tonight (I still don’t get the attraction of Formula 1 despite earnestly attempting enthusiasm on numerous occasions – nope, to me I’m afraid it still just remains one of the most irritating sounds ever, on lengthy repeat). (Aside: Abi – I realise this sounds like a complaint, and really it IS DEFINITELY NOT!! I am incredibly grateful for my space on the sofa and MORE than happy to fit around family life!)

Anyway, not much to report from today – I spent most of it on the bus, trying to fight head-lolling sleep in the hot sun. When I arrived in Brisbane it seemed that the city had been taken over by an army of oompa-loompas – it turned out to be fans of the Brisbane Roar football club out in force.

Oompa-loompa invasion.

One observation from today is that, having recently discovered that you can analyse statistics for your blog, I was able to see the search terms people have used that have led them to my blog. Some are quite strange, and I quite like the fact such eclectic, obscure investigations lead to me – I would be horrified if I only enticed the mundane…

Highlights include:

cupcake do dragon ball (that doesn’t even make sense!)
sweaty + yoga
most expensive muffin in the world (quite a few people search for this it seems – odd)
new zealand bird that sounds like the close encounters theme music (love this one)
flower bat
weeds on fences
my tattoo is tingling (chuffed that tattoo-related searches now lead to my wholesome self!)
leap year and mysticism
invisible yogi
tropical flowers
wood carvings with chainsaw flora

It’s a funny old world… Well, hopefully I provided some illumination for these people, but it seems highly unlikely.

Anyway, I’m flying to Cairns tomorrow (my carbon footprint is at least a huge size thirteen this year, oops). However, I will possibly be quite literally removing that carbon straight back out of the atmosphere, as my destination is the Australian Tropical Research Centre, where I am volunteering my services for a week, and one of the activities I may be involved in is tree planting. I’m hoping I get to help out at ‘The Bat House’, an educational centre full of fruit bats that, for various reasons, can’t be re-released into the wild. Instead they are used for ‘ambattadorial’ work (their pun, not mine), to help people spend time with and learn about this beautiful species. Interestingly, the centre is run by Lady Diana’s brother, Hugh Spencer, who I have been in regular contact with recently. Oh yes, I move in the high echelons of society these days.

One potential snag is that I rang the centre yesterday to confirm my arrival, and it turns out that Hugh and the other staff are trapped on Fiji due to unseasonal cyclones. I spoke to a slightly bewildered-sounding volunteer, who was manning the fort in their absence. Between us, we decided that I’d come anyway, and we’d take it from there – hopefully the staff will have returned by Tuesday, when I arrive. If not, it could make for some entertaining tales of two hapless volunteers versus a load of wily fruit bats.

The volunteer bumph warns that internet access, and indeed electricity and water, are very restricted at the centre, so I may be out of touch for a week. But I am sure I will have lots of tales from the rainforest to tell when I return to the world of t’internet, and more interesting wildlife facts for any fact-geeks out  there. So, have a good week all, and do keep checking in, as I have become pretty savvy about eking out internet access in remote places, so may be back sooner rather than later.

Finally, as a bruise-update, an unprecedented number of people have commented on it, or just stared at it in horror, over the last few days, which I take to mean it has probably surpassed itself in terms of its visual wow-factor. Our guide on Fraser Island said it looked exactly like the after-effects of having a tattoo removed and was convinced I was hiding some sordid tale about erasing past unsavoury memories. That’s the backstory I should have developed…

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