Forest friends

I have very much enjoyed my time in north-east Queensland – I have met some brilliant people and had lots of fun, and have loved absorbing the fascinating wetland tropical environment and getting to grips with some of the beautiful wildlife here. I am therefore dedicating this blog entry to some of the wonderful sights I’ve been lucky enough to see up here.

I have a few hours left at the ecolodge before catching a bus back to Cairns this evening, and I intend to completely relax and make the most of this lovely spot. Having done one final yoga and meditation session in the serene tree-top studio this morning, I have just enjoyed the simple pleasure of drinking a locally sourced coffee from the Table Mountains on the balcony watching the calm, blue sea below through a frame of rainforest canopy, and enjoying the warm breeze on my skin.

Yogacam in my own, personal yoga studio, with forest views on all sides – lucky me.

Later, I may then take a final stroll down to the beach, and watch the ghostly crabs fly across the sand into the water, so light they look wind-blown. And of course I will be keeping one eye open for the incredible cassowaries passing through the grounds. This place is called the Sanctuary Lodge for a reason…

Anyway, I will leave you with some photos of some of the furry/feathered/scaly/leafy friends that I have made on my wonderful tropical trip (advance warning to arachnophobes – there are a couple of spider pics in there!):

An adorable juvenile double-eyed fig parrot, found on the floor outside the ecolodge just this morning, looking dazed and confused. Must have flown into the building… It seems to be perking up a bit now though… 🙂

White flower spider, seen whilst weeding the veggie patch at Cape Trib. This species catches prey by ambush and uses its long, strong front legs to catch the victim.

St Andrew’s cross spider, at the ecolodge – so called, I guess, because of the similarity between the leg position to the Scottish flag?

A dragonfly species, seen on the veggie patch, Cape Trib – possibly Orthetrum villosovittatum perhaps (deduced from pictures only)?

I like this photo because it reminds me of the brownie-guide song: “Kookaburra sits on the electric wire, jumping up and down with its pants on fire…”. However, I think this might actually be a forest kingfisher.

Rainforest termite mound, seen on my walk up Bicton Hill yesterday.

An unknown plant with beautiful berries, also from my walk yesterday.

Post-script: I’m now back in Cairns, and just have a couple of extra photos to add because, in true Mission Beach impeccable personal service style, the cassowaries came out in force to wave me off:

Big Daddy passed through the lodge grounds again, just as I was doing this blog!

And then, just as we were in the truck, about to head down the lane, Big Momma arrived too and she was ENORMOUS (now I see how the females persuade the males to do all the child-rearing – you seriously wouldn’t want to mess with this lady). Amazing.

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2 Responses to Forest friends

  1. charl says:

    Isla and I have been looking at Australian rainforest photos ( in a calendar that Jon brought back) and she liked the cassowaries….and hte cairns birdwing buterflies….green tree python too!…how bizarre to think that as we are admiring in awe these amazing things – auntie Becky is seeing them for real ( but not the python!). Incredible. x

    • beckymayhem says:

      Hi, yes – amazing indeed. Would love to have seen the tree python too, as I know they were all around, but no such luck. Still, I did pretty well! xx

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