A rare appearance of the invisible yogi

I’m back with my Brisbane surrogate family for the last time before I leave Oz, which is rather sad. Abi and I made the most out of our last day together by going out for a girls’ lunch in my favourite hang-out, the West End, for a gorgeous calamari Greek salad. We then headed further into town to the Regatta, a traditional Queensland hotel by the river, for a cold beer.

The ornate Regatta hotel, which has just completed a rebuild, having been seriously damaged in the 2011 floods. By the way, Brisbane is officially autumnal now, and just look at that sky –  that’s 25 degrees-worth of autumn! Still, the sunshine doesn’t stop the ozzies bringing out the knee-high boots, polo-necks and coats though – Charlotte, I can imagine you squirming in discomfiture right now at the thought of all those sweaty synthetics against skin!

Me and my mate… 🙂

Anyway, apart from that little outing, and a brief swim in a friend’s pool, it has been a lovely mellow day, with not much else to report, in the best possible way. However, this morning, whilst Tim, Abi and Isaac were out, I did my yoga and, having just discovered the self-timer button on my camera and feeling quite excited about this, I decided to take photos of some of the newer poses I’m working on as well as some old favourites to a) see how I’m doing with the new ones, as it’s sometimes hard to visualise what I look like versus what I’m aiming towards and b) to show my readers a bit of what I get up to and what ashtanga yoga involves; a yogacam with a difference.

Disclaimer: I only had ten seconds to get into each pose from setting the timer, so these are by no means perfectly executed as I didn’t have time to ‘settle into’ the poses and I had to kind of ‘throw myself’ into them, in a very un-yogic way! However, you’ll hopefully get the idea – enjoy…

Newer poses from second series:

Bharadvajasana (no, nothing to do with ‘The Only Way is Essex’). Ooooh, there’s my lovely tattoo – keep forgetting I have it as I don’t see it that often.

Tittibhasana (firefly)

Kapotasana (NB I wasn’t fully into the position when the camera went off – my palms should be resting on the soles of my feet, fingers towards heel, and my elbows parallel – still working on the latter detail as it’s a huge tricep stretch…)

Pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock)

Vrisikasana (scorpion) – one day, my feet will touch my head (the key thing for learning a new pose it to believe that one day you will be able to do it whilst, conversely, not being emotionally attached to that outcome!)

A rather undignified rendition of Mayurasana (peacock), minus my head. Eventually, my body will be a beautiful straight line with no kinks, hmmm

Mukta hasta sirsasana (hands-free headstand) B – at the end of the second series is a series of seven headstand variations, of which this is the second. I blame my slight lean on not being quite into the pose when the camera went off (convenient, this excuse!).

Older poses (from the finishing sequence):

Urdvha dhanurasana (the wheel) – I’m currently working on dropping back into this from standing, then coming back up to standing.

Halasana (the plough) – a lovely, restorative pose.

Urdvha padmasana (lotus in shoulderstand)

Last but not least, utthana padasana (flying fish) – I love this pose, although really my legs should be lower (around 45 degrees off the floor) – that’s why it’s useful to take photos, now I know to correct this!

So there you go, a little insight into the weird antics that I get up to on my mat, whilst attempting to remain invisible.

Anyway, off to Sydney tomorrow for two nights, before beginning the final exciting chapter of my travels in Thailand, so tune in for iconic photos of Sydney Harbour and other such delights, if all goes well. I will leave you with a portrait of my Brisbane family, as the novelty of the self-timer still hasn’t worn off…

Spot the beckymayhem interloper.

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2 Responses to A rare appearance of the invisible yogi

  1. ambulavitz says:

    Most impressive. I’ve just attempted to do some of those poses myself. Just how long does it take an ambulance to get from Warwick?! Looking forward to your continued travelogue.

  2. Marcie says:

    Oh my word Becky, you are very bendy. I’m happy if I can touch my toes! Very impressive. :+)

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