Healing hands

I just had my first thai massage and it was unbelievably good. I had heard that there was a woman who lived near the hotel who made herbal compresses and was a good masseuse, so I set out on a mission to find her, and find her I did. Incidentally, I was on the power-ranger kiddie bike again today – here it is:

My untrusty steed.

I found her house off one of the stilted walkways – there was a sign with a photo of a lady wearing a wheat-bag round her neck, so I figured it was the right place. The place looked shut up, but she appeared from round the back, and when I said massage, she nodded and next thing I knew, I was being ushered inside the house and asked to sit on a chair in front of a fan – no private massage rooms here. There then followed the most intriguing and in-depth massage of my life. Shewas incredibly attentive and was really ‘reading’ my body. She immediately clocked that I hold a lot of tension around my scapulae and concentrated her efforts on this area, asking me to make certain movements with my limbs and neck, whilst she prodded and squeezed, until she was happy that she’d found the root of the problem. Then followed some excrutiating moments, whilst she kneaded the knots and pressed nerves that sent shooting transferred pain down my arms – but in a good way, if that’s possible. She identified tension in my neck that I didn’t even realise I had, and told me in broken English that I had a cyst in my neck and made me feel it – sure enough there is a knobble there. She wrapped me up in her microwaved signature compresses, which, combined with the zingy cold of the tiger balm she was using, led to wonderful hot-cold sensations spreading throughout my back. She also did some leftfield things involving my ears – including shoving her finger into them and patting my head all over. Sounds strange, but my scalp felt amazing afterwards.

It was strange – she was really manhandling me, with her tiny, lithe stature, yet I completely trusted her. Healing hands indeed. And for this incredible experience I paid a grand total of two British pounds. Amazing. I bought some of her herbal concoctions too, to support her business and also because, if the same healing magic goes into her products as comes out through her hands, then I definitely want some of that in my life!

So, a wonderful end to my stay here, made better by no fewer than seven bright-blue kingfisher sightings on the ride back to the hotel. And, before I head off back into the craziness of central Bangkok to catch a sleeper train north to Chiang Mei, I am just enjoying one final delicious herbal tea at the hotel, as a complimentary goodbye gift from the lovely staff here – this place rocks.

Not very clear here, but the tea is coloured blue from the butterfly pea-flower.

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2 Responses to Healing hands

  1. SusSis says:

    I’m so pleased you’ve had such a great time. You are one of the few tourists to discover one of bangkok’s hidden secrets. Good luck hitting the city again. I really wish I could be sharing that blue tea with you. Xxx

  2. Pru says:

    Ha ha!! The bike doesn’t look much bigger than Holly’s! massage sounds amazing- could def do with one of those myself but not sure about the blue tea. Tea should be a very strong brown, builder’s style!! talk of the devil, Hugh has just handed me one with a few cheeky jaffa cakes! xx

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