I take it all back. Day three complete and I am feeling GOOD! The daily exertions of early morning yoga are paying dividends and my body is feeling supple and fluid, assisted by the tropical warmth and the massages in which I am seriously indulging (this may be the only time in my life that I cast my backpacker shadow over a luxury resort like this, so I figure I should throw fiscal caution to the wind and make the most of the experience).

My mind is feeling pretty good too, what with numerous meditation sessions and guided relaxations, plus the absolute blissful rarity of having ample mental space due to the lack of anything pressing needing to be done.  I am also feeling rather sheepish about my rash opining yesterday as I got chatting to a couple of American girls who are on the detox retreat today, who I had assumed were Beverley Hills-esque rich kids, here on an easily-realised whim, courtesy of daddy. Bad Becky. It turns out they are fellow back-packers who met eachother at a yoga ashram in India. One owns her own kite-boarding company in Mexico (oh to have such a cool-sounding job) and the other is currently jobless but wanting to teach yoga for a living (sound familiar?).

I think I was also unfairly cynical about the centre yesterday, and I can feel myself being gradually embraced by its yoga-honed contours, and benefiting from its spirit of care and well-being. For example, we spend the first few moments of our daily early morning pranayama (breathing techniques) session by meditating on the following thought-process, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone, and will try and continue when I leave here:

  1. First observe the negative and positive emotions that you can sense arising in your mind that day;
  2. Then try and replace the negative thoughts with positive ones;
  3. Then cultivate a feeling of gratitude for all the good things in your life;
  4. Then try and find forgiveness for the faults of both others and yourself;
  5. And finally, open yourself up to guidance and clarity on any problems that you have.

I know it all sounds a bit hippyish, but really, this is such a positive way to start the day and the thought process doesn’t take long at all. If everyone spent even just five minutes doing this every morning, I swear the world would be a much happier place. Plus it also means I am able to forgive my failure to observe restraint at the buffet table each day, phew. (The ‘raw’ green tea tiramisu this evening was to die for – I just had to have seconds as I may never experience that particular divine taste sensation again!)

So all is good in Becky world. I am even finding an unlooked-for enjoyment in chanting sanskrit verses and countless oms in the morning and evening light in the outdoor yoga shala each day.

The wonderful yoga shala.

Plus I am discovering the peculiar pleasure of being straddled and manhandled on the massage table by a tiny thai lady in possession of a formidable strength that belies her slight stature. Oh, and I happened upon a gleaming buddhist temple on the beach on a walk today, just in case I was starting to feel temple withdrawal symptoms.

Buddha on the beach.

Om shanti and out.

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