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Mayhem continues in mighty Blighty

Do you know what? I miss writing a blog. I came to enjoy my daily ramblings. Soooo… I have decided to continue it, even though I’m now back in the UK.  I feel as though my journey continues, despite a … Continue reading

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Pathetic fallacy on Koh Phangan

Pathetic fallacy is a term I learnt during A-level English. It means the attribution of human emotions or characteristics to inanimate objects or nature; for example, angry clouds; a cruel wind. It’s often used in literature to reflect the mood of the … Continue reading

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Licence to massage (kind of)

I completed my massage course this afternoon, and have another certificate to prove it. Koh Phangan has been a good boost for my certification levels. Here are a series of photos of me in action, pulling this afternoon’s unsuspecting victim … Continue reading

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Hiding from the moon

Tonight is a full moon. Usually that would be a good thing for me – I love a bit of full-moonage. However, not today, as it means, as I speak, hordes of party-goers are descending on this beautiful island, to splatter … Continue reading

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Girl on a mission

Yesterday, in between my aforementioned massage training and laid-back island lifestyle, I accepted a mission from a friend back home, to find a friend of hers who works as a dive instructor on the island somewhere. I only had a Christian name … Continue reading

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Island life

I realised today that tomorrow I will have been on Koh Phangan for a week; I almost feel like a local. It’s the quiet season at the moment, and hence the island has a very mellow feeling and most of … Continue reading

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