Licence to massage (kind of)

I completed my massage course this afternoon, and have another certificate to prove it. Koh Phangan has been a good boost for my certification levels. Here are a series of photos of me in action, pulling this afternoon’s unsuspecting victim into all manner of positions and standing my full weight on the back of her leg, amongst other strange antics – hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what a Thai massage involves (and not put you off for life):

Let’s start with a bit of palming…

Then some foot rolls on the inner thigh…

A bit of thigh grippage…

A rare smile from the masseuse. (Note to self: don’t look so serious whilst massaging. But in fact I seem to get into a bit of a massage ‘zone’ and my pouty lips must be the outward of expression of this.)

Insert own caption here.

Little bit of a stretch…

Even Cousin It needs a good back stretch sometimes…

I’m just going to stand all of my weight onto your leg, there – don’t mind me…

Becky ‘lightning-blur hands’ May…

One happy customer with all limbs still intact; one relieved masseuse.

So hopefully I’ll still have a list of willing bodies to practise on, despite this sneak preview?! Below is a photo of me with Jaep, my lovely trainer, who I will miss. Perhaps I’ll come back to learn the other types of massage she trains in – foot reflexology, oil massage and an extended thai massage sequence.

After my afternoon massage and yoga sessions, the evening was spent getting ‘rained in’ at the night market. I still marvel at the sudden ferocity of storms here – they come from nowhere, all hell lets loose for around 15-30 minutes, then all is calm again and the rain casually drains away, as if it hadn’t been pounding your skin like needles just moments before. The speed and efficiency with which the locals deal with rain is also staggering. In this case, covers were erected over all the walkways with a mere ripple spreading through the buzzing industry of this busy place.

Peering out through the watery bars of my food prison. It’s business as usual outside, despite the deluge.

Not a bad place to be stuck, although it meant that my earlier success on the moderate eating front unravelled fast. I feel like I need to maximise the thai taste experience during my final few days here; a dangerous mentality with which to enter the market’s tempting aisles, full of mouth-watering aromas clamouring for my attention. Oh well, enjoy it whilst I can I guess… 🙂

Once the rain had abated sufficiently to leave I then decided that I should buy any buddha souvenirs on Buddha day, so I made my way to my favourite shop, and spectacularly failed to haggle. I am really rubbish at this particular skill. The slightest hint of a sob-story and I immediately buckle. I was much better at bartering in my twenties, when I spent time in Kenya – I’ve clearly gone soft in my  old age. But I’m very happy with my buddhas, and am hoping they are infused with a specially potent buddha power given the import of the day of purchase.

My day finished, rather bizarrely, watching the main singer from Turin Brakes doing an acoustic set at a nearby beach-side bar. He was disappointingly rusty, and mainly did ropey covers rather than his old hits. But nevertheless, it was good to listen to live guitar music whilst watching the yellow glow of the full moon over the ocean. Now that’s my kind of full-moon scene…

The famous Koh Phangan full moon.

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2 Responses to Licence to massage (kind of)

  1. Gary says:

    I’m fairly sure my limbs would actually detach if you did that to me!! (if nothing else there would be loud creaking and crunching noises!)

  2. Jen says:

    Yeah I might be reconsidering my earlier request!!!! I think I like the sound of full-moon and buddha celebrations more than the flag-waving and bunting hanging that has been going on here (in the rain) over the past few days
    – but can’t complain about the extended weekend,… do I really have to go to work tomorrow??

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