Mayhem continues in mighty Blighty

Do you know what? I miss writing a blog. I came to enjoy my daily ramblings. Soooo… I have decided to continue it, even though I’m now back in the UK.  I feel as though my journey continues, despite a much-reduced mileage, and, as such, I’m not ready to lay down the cyber-pen just yet. I can’t promise you such a relentless barrage of exciting new sights and experiences from around the world to vicariously enjoy, but I can promise to bring you observations from our quirky Blighty as they occur to me, not to mention up-dates on my ongoing quest to forge my own niche of contentment in this crazy world.

I can even still bring to you yogacam, look:

This photo of a joint attempt at Virabadrasana I (Warrior 1) was taken on the weekend that I arrived back home, my return to the homeland being fittingly heralded by an omnipresent blanket of union jack bunting spread across the country (Queenie et al did a sterling job as my warm-up act). We had a family barbecue on a freak sunny day and my niece and nephew were keen to get back on the yoga mat with their prodigal Auntie Becky.

As for my current movements, I am now residing at my sister’s house in the midlands, amidst major house renovations. We’ve agreed to ‘give it a go’ and see how it goes – no hard feelings on either side if it doesn’t work out. So far I’m loving it, although early-morning yoga to the background sounds of the Bob the Builder theme-tune on TV and the whine of Dave the actual builder’s angle-grinder outside, whilst trying to keep two boistrously curious children off my mat, is interesting!

I conveniently have my old job as Ecologist with Warwickshire County Council back for a six-month maternity cover. As well as lots of days in the office (being still indoors for long periods is immensely challenging after the daily activity of traveller life I have discovered), it does on occasion also involve botanising in glorious sunshine, as was the case on my first day back – lucky me:

Not a bad office… (I need to credit my friend and colleague, Louise, for this beautiful shot – thanks Louise!)

This particular site is ex-landfill and, as is often the ironic case, since the landfill was capped and the site left alone it has reverted to a high-quality habitat of species-rich grassland, brimming with colourful creepy-crawlies, including this beauty below:

Mullein moth caterpillar. (Again, photo credit goes to Louise.)

I selected to have Fridays off rather than work full-time, in an attempt to dedicate time to some of the things that my mind keeps nagging me to focus on – like writing, yoga teaching and massage. So hopefully I’ll be updating the blog regularly, although probably not every day as before – otherwise this could quickly descend into a platform for the truly mundane: ‘Today my sandwiches were a bit stale and my hip was giving me gyp’ – errrr….no.

Anyway, it’s good to be back.

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3 Responses to Mayhem continues in mighty Blighty

  1. Pru says:

    Tee-hee- weird reading this when you are in the next room and I clearly know exactly what you have been up to recently!! xx

  2. ambulavitz says:

    Good to have you back. Hopefully Pru will advise of any downright lies.

  3. charl says:

    welcome back!….x

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