Nice weather for slugs

Last night was not only dry, but the sun deigned to come out, just to remind us it was still up there somewhere, honest. So, feeling I ought not to waste this rare opportunity for some much-needed Vitamin D production, I went out for a long evening walk to stretch my legs . Wandering down a country lane, with towering oaks and ashes vying for supremacy above and yellowhammers singing their ‘A little bit of bread and no cheeeeeeese’ refrain from wild rose-studded hedgerows, I was reminded of how beautiful England can be.

Plus, the up-side of all this rain is just how green and verdant the countryside is looking right now. The remnants of the last downpour still dripped off cow parsley and feathery grasses in full flower on the verges, sending a heady mix of summer scents into the air.

Wandering through a wheat field, I noticed that, oddly, many of the seed heads had a small slug perched on their tip. It was as though the slugs were doing a rain dance – this wet summer isn’t bad news for everyone. Who’d have thought slugs could be so cute?

It wasn’t all about the minutiae though – check out this big boy (I could tell by the cows’ frisky, flighty behaviour that there had to be a bloke in the vicinity; bovine pheromones were almost palpably flying across the field in all directions…).

Today the sun has retreated once more. But my nephew, Thomas, provided a great reminder this morning that even soggy rain can bring with it a sense of joy and fun, through the medium of – PUDDLES!

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One Response to Nice weather for slugs

  1. Pru says:

    PUDDLES!!!! xx

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