Simian rock

This very welcome heatwave has coincided with me working my ass off in a sweaty basement yoga studio all week, d’oh. Still, I am having a brilliant time amongst my yoga tribe. It’s week two of my yoga teacher training course and, for anyone that thinks yoga is for softies, please undergo metamorphosis into a fly and come and spend time on our studio walls – seriously, I have never felt so physically tired in my life, and we’re only four days in out of seven, eek.

The course is being run at what is rapidly becoming my second home; the wonderful Stonemonkey Studio in Leamington. Seeing as I’m constantly bigging it up, here are some photos (and one day I will work out how to insert web-links into my blogs – it’s on my ‘TTD’ list…).

Digby, who owns Stonemonkey and is possibly one of the nicest blokes on the planet, entertains some of my yoga compadres on our afternoon break.

Inside the cafe – encouraging good karma, in no uncertain terms.

Where the magic happens – you can almost sense the sweaty fug leaching from the photo (or is that just my bad focusing?). You see (or rather, you don’t see), I’m not the only invisible yogi…

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