Snapped and papped

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week, taking in highs (feeling inspired and confident to go forth as a bona fide yoga instructor) and lows (painfully tearing my right adductor muscle, ow), and I’ve reached the end feeling suitably exhilarated and looking like I’ve been dragged through a yoga studio backwards.

On the injury front, in the spirit of positive thinking, I’ve listed all the benefits of the injury that I can think of, which weirdly turn out to be quite a few:

  1. Anatomically illuminating – I am now painfully aware every time I engage my adductor muscles.
  2. A reminder to lose the ego – I don’t need to get into a perfect posture every time.
  3. A reminder to listen to my body and respect that it knows best.
  4. A reminder to practise yoga mindfully. The reason I injured myself was because I was knackered from a sleepless night (that is a whole other blog post in itself…) so I wasn’t focusing on what I was doing; I wasn’t in the present moment. Hence: snap…ouch…
  5. An opportunity to leave off the purely physical practice whilst I rest, and instead explore some of the more subtle aspects such as breath-work, meditation and reading around the subject.
  6. It encourages me to develop traits such as patience and humility.

Still, for all of the above (said through gritted teeth), it is blimmin painful, and it’s been a tough challenge to overcome, especially in the midst of such a physical week. I had to become an observing wallflower for the last two days, and ignore the overwhelming itch to join in. Strangely, the mental challenge has been greater than the physical…

On a more exciting note, I have come out of the training week not only with a wealth of new teaching skills and experience, but also with my first ever professional yoga photo shots. One of the other trainees is a photographer, specialising in yogis (errr….niche market) and I commissioned her for a brief photoshoot one lunchtime, thinking ahead to when I will hopefully fairly soon want to create my own website. It was a brilliant half hour of feeling like an unlikely celebrity and I have learnt a valuable lesson: always do your hair before paying someone to take photos of you, and perhaps at least consider some kind of make-up application, d’oh. However, her expertise and talent managed to make even my dark-rooted, sweaty and dishevelled yoga barnet look half-decent, and photoshop was a godsend for my complexion. I’ve picked a few of my favourite shots below:

Tee hee – classic catalogue middle-distance gaze…

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2 Responses to Snapped and papped

  1. charl says:

    loving the photos Becks – very chic. get better soone….which I had adducter muscles to tear in the first place!!!!!

  2. Isobel says:

    Photos are v swish Becky! I wouldn’t know an aductor muscle if it hit me in the face 🙂 Sorry you’re in pain though, but looks like a fantastic experience all round though 🙂 Must catch up soon xxx

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