Creative insomnia

Is it just me, or do other people experience the strange phenomenon of being totally knackered until the very moment that your head hits the pillow? It is as though the touch of hair on pillowcase closes some weird circuit, and suddenly my brain chugs into hyperactivity and I am alert, my immense weariness completely forgotten. I experience this about every month or so and, for that ill-fated night, I simply can NOT switch my brain off and am lucky to get a couple of hours sleep if I’m lucky.

However, although obviously knocking me for six the next few days, I am learning to smile indulgently at these manic nights, rather than curse them groggily. I have accepted that they are a part of me, and I realise that they are actually incredibly productive in terms of idea-generation. Unusual creativity flows from me into the dark, unstoppable, and I have learnt to keep a pad and pen by my bed, as not all the ideas are the irrational, bonkers crazy-talk that often comes from the dark nadir of the night.

Some of my greatest flashes of inspiration have come from these nights and, more and more, I am having the confidence to run with them, rather than sheepishly hiding them under the metaphorical bed, as ridiculous nonsense.

My most recent brainiac night yielded some interesting ideas about branding for a yoga studio/cafe.  It is clear that I am rather influenced by all the time I’ve been spending at Stonemonkey Studio recently, especially as I am covering Digby’s ashtanga classes for two weeks whilst he’s away on holiday. I am really enjoying teaching in such a wonderful yoga space, and it gives me a thrill to lock up after everyone has gone home each night – I get a taste of the proprietorial pride that Digby must feel when he shuts up shop each day, knowing that he has created this brilliant place that brings such positivity into people’s lives (and stomachs).

Anyway, my ideas are certainly not ‘blog-ready’, but it just struck me that, again, I can choose to perceive something as either a positive or a negative experience; in this case my erratic insomnia. And I choose positive – although it might not be so easy to do so when I’m hauling my ass to work on the morning after the night before…

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