Today, let me count the ways…

Today has been a good day. Not for any particular reason – just a combination of lots of little things that have made me smile. Firstly, I wrote my first yoga teacher biography for a website (not my own – that is still very much work in progress). For some reason this felt like a landmark and I had an urge to tell the next person I saw that, “I’m a yoga teacher, don’t you know!” (I restrained myself). Secondly, I picked up my guitar from the repair shop and had a lovely chat with the man who runs it three days a week and holidays in Cornwall for the rest of the time. Bring on retirement, I say…

I feel that another, guitar-shaped, missing piece of my jigsaw of personal fulfilment has slid into place. I received this guitar on my 18th birthday from my dad, and it is a real beaut. I’ve always known it was special, and Jezz, with his awesome guitar knowledge, concurred that it was a good one. As did the man in the shop:

“You’ve got yourself a cedar-top, here,” he said, and sucked in his cheeks in reverence. I nodded sagely, attempting to justify ownership of said cedar-top by hiding my ignorance of all things guitar-related.

It turns out that cedar-tops are ‘keepers’. Most acoustic guitars are spruce-top and will degrade after around 30 years but this one will keep going and going – so no excuses. I’ve abortively attempted to learn to play it numerous times before (although can still play the first part of Yesterday and the introduction to ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries – random) and always felt a pang of guilt whenever I looked at it languishing uncomplaining and sadly beautiful in the corner. So, seeing as this seems to be my year of ‘just f***ing doing it’, I am now determined to do it justice. I have the card of a good local teacher (who also happens to run the local open mic circuit – a handy contact for a very keen, rather ambitious and over-optimistic student such as myself – I can imagine his face: ‘Oh god, not another one’). So we’ll see how it goes…

Me trying to be arty (you know – season of change an’ all that…)

Attempt at arty #2 – I will stop now, I promise.

Anyway, back to my day of happy trivialities. On the way back to the office, clearly feeling a bit rock and roll carrying my guitar, I scrumped some windfall figs from the pavement (hell yeah, that’s how we roll in Warwick) – these are now lined up on the kitchen radiator in an attempt to move them beyond ‘teeth-breakingly hard’. I then meandered through the latent excitement of preparations for the Mop Fair in the market square. The Mop Fair is a tradition in certain market towns that stems from medieval times, when local labourers would gather for the annual hiring market. They would each carry a tool of their trade, such as a scythe, rolling pin etc to reveal their speciality. Those without a specific trade would just carry a mop. Nowadays people are more likely to be carrying a beer, a small fortune to afford the rides or, towards the end of the night, each other.

Dormant dodgems – the calm before the storm.

In the afternoon I spent a surprisingly enjoyable two hours in a scenario that I find myself able to describe by using the rare juxtaposition of the words ‘exciting’ and ‘meeting’. This happy union was assisted by the fact that one of those present was incredibly easy on the eye, to the point where spontaneous giggles were unavoidable (this is where I trust that my very humble readership means my lack of professionalism won’t be exposed). We were discussing biodiversity offsetting, something quite new in the UK ecological world, and perhaps the topic of a future blog, such has it piqued my interest over the last year or so. The day at work was perfectly finished off by that sweetest of office chores: turning on the ‘out-of-office’ email setting (next week is the third and final week of my yoga teacher training course).

Then, this evening was brightened firstly by a lovely surprise card from my sister and secondly by the brilliantly ridiculous film, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. Yes, really, this exists, and combines a semblance of historical ‘fact’ with vampiric madness in a way that is exactly like one of those weird dreams where everything is normal apart from one massive oddness, such as your entire family being koala bears, or similar.

And finally, I am now off to try and sleep, full of excitement about learning ‘the business of being a yoga teacher’ tomorrow – these happiness inducements are each to their own, I realise.

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