Happy Halloween

This post is brought to you by a glass of merlot and half a staropramen – a pretty heady concoction for a lightweight who’s mostly been doing yoga all week. I’ve just returned from our ‘yoga social’ (much more fun than you might imagine – not a beansprout in sight), which doubled up as the stag do for our teacher trainer, despite the fact it was him and a gaggle of does.

Anyway, I just had to blog, because it was a most surreal journey home on my bike. About halfway through the journey, in the pouring rain AGAIN I might add (cut me some slack, weather!), I was encircled by a load of blokes on mountain bikes who shot out from a side alley, all dressed up in various macabre halloween costumes and with incredibly bright, flashing lights plastered all over themselves and their bikes in a way that took me back to my days of raving at Gatecrasher – it was very freaky, especially due to the ‘not quite on the planet’ feeling engendered by the aforementioned tipples.

Anyway, they seemed tickled pink that they had ‘entrapped’ another mountain-biker (I am pretty sure they too had indulged in the grape and grain on this most hallowed of eves) and we all continued together down the Myton Road like one big happy halloween family. I had an odd exchange with one of them, who was wearing a green witch’s face mask and had a plastic dagger sticking into his back – he kept asking me where my sweets were (aaaah, I’ve just realised – must have been a trick-or-treat reference, d’oh). Totally bizarre…

Anyway, it was a rather fun end to another brilliant day spent catching up with a friend for breakfast (boy, we can gab when we get together) then sweating it out at the Stonemonkey Studio on my yoga teacher training course. It feels so good to be physically active all day rather than sat in front of a computer – naturally sedentary I am NOT.

Also, I learnt an interesting fact today, whilst doing last minute anatomy swotting for my thai massage course, which starts on Saturday (yes, another course – my inner spod has truly awakened this year). I feel able to include it here as it relates to bones, which surely have some kind of tenuous link with halloween? Anyway, halloween bone fact of the day:

Did you know that bones comprise 25% water? To reiterate – that’s one quarter liquid! So how come they’re not in any way wibbly-wobbly? That’s weirder than being surrounded by a load of halloween mountain-bikers…

P’om’pkin (photo credit – www.yogadork.com)

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One Response to Happy Halloween

  1. chloe says:

    Ha ha that’s hilarious!! I wonder if they were doing a pub crawl on bikes in costumes ? What fun! We’ve got to do that next year! Breakfast was lovely – we do always have so much to talk about!! 🙂

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