Christmas regression

Helloooo, I’m still alive! But I have a good excuse for my prolonged absence from blogging. Every year of my life I’ve been at home for Christmas and the result of this is a kind of time-warp, and regression for all. Mum reverts to the ultimate provider, with an added festive fervour (she assumes what we have labelled her ‘Christmas voice’, which has a distinctive steely edge that you wouldn’t want to mess with), dad goes on lots of dog walks and pub trips, muttering to himself about ‘women’  in a way that is directly reminiscent of my youth, and my three sisters and I travel back in time and grind to a halt in a child-like state of lethargy and inanity.

Every year I head home armed with a lengthy to do list and full of proactive intentions to make the most of the time off. However, the unfailing reality is visualising the to do list with listless resentment from my prone stance on the sofa, whilst feeling the weight of mince pies pressing on my belly and the weight of the next imminent feast pressing on my mind.

This year was worse than ever. Perhaps in rebellion against the huge changes in my life this year, whereby I attempt to become part-time self-employed, my regression to sedentary status entered new depths. I kept thinking of all the things I needed to do, such as register as self-employed, advertise my yoga classes, set-up accounts spreadsheets, sort out my website, get a new phone contract etc, and then felt completely overwhelmed to the point where the only action I could take was to reach for the omnipresent Terry’s chocolate-orange. It seemed that the alien newness of my plans for next year juxtaposed with the intense familiarity of christmas at home created a paralysis of thought and action.

But, in the spirit of positive thinking, I have chosen  not to beat myself up about my lack of action. We all need a rest sometimes, and the family home seems to be the one place where I find lounging around on the sofa in pyjamas all day an acceptable activity. Plus, as an adult, the magic of christmas seems to increasingly be found in spending time with those you love rather than in an orgy of present-opening, and so prioritising time spent chatting with my sisters seemed a valuable ‘action’ in itself, even (or especially?) when our conversations strayed back to the puerile silliness of our teens (for example, continuing to call our parents ‘Moomin’ and ‘Dudley Mallit’ for unremembered, yet still hilarious reasons).

Anyway, I am back in the land of the living now, and excited about 2013. Proactivity has returned, and my to do list is quivering in awe at my fearsome activity levels. And now I can wipe another thing off the list: Blog DONE!

Happy new year, everyone. May all your intentions and wishes come to fruition… 🙂

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8 Responses to Christmas regression

  1. lizzie carins says:

    Happy new year!!! That sounds just like my Christmas too! 🙂 xx

  2. Chelle Ryland says:

    And mine 🙂

  3. Marcie says:

    Ha! Just like my Christmas at home too when we all regress and act the same as we did 25 years ago. Happy New Year Becky and to everyone reading this post!

  4. beckymayhem says:

    Hi Lizzie – happy new year to you too! Excited to see you’re off to India for yoga teacher training – when do you go? You will have an amaaaaazing time, no doubt… 🙂 xx

  5. beckymayhem says:

    Happy new year Marcie – we still need to have that catch-up SOON! And to you too, Michelle – may it be filled with lots of yoga… 🙂 x

  6. Lizzy robey says:

    Hi Becky loved your blog very apt about Xmas regression I was the same – believing he rest of the world was crazy busy and we were the only lie-in tv watching verging on bores people in the uk – almost beyond the capacity to bother doing anything! And then I felt the change yest as did u by the sound of it and its great to be off my laurels – wrote the huge to do list – just gotta get on with it now – or maybe when the kids have gone back to the school….there’s no other holiday in the year when one allows oneself to waste day after day and loose track of time – holiday days the rest of the year are each accounted for so preciously – I am now embracing the last few days of when I’m allowed to veg…enjoy yours too!! See u in 2 weeks x

  7. beckymayhem says:

    Hi Lizzy – it seems like xmas is indeed the ‘lazy time’ of the year for most people, from the feedback I’ve had, so you’re definitely in good company! See you at the weekend for more massage fun! x

  8. Juliet Reid says:

    Sounds like a perfectly well spent Christmas to me. Taking time out with the family should be near the top of everyone’s ‘To Do’ list, especially if it includes lounging on the sofa and eating Terry’s Chocolate Orange (“They’re not Terry’s, they’re MINE!”)

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