Today I began my new self-employment as a yoga teacher! I taught three classes in a row at Coventry University with only a 15 minute break in between. Pretty full-on but I enjoyed every minute of it… 🙂 And that’s despite only having three hours’ sleep last night due to an intense bout of creative insomnia. I found myself scribbling ideas and snatches of writing down on a piece of paper by the bed in the dark. In the light of day this morning, they looked like the contents of a beautiful mind, in the sectionable sense of the phrase. However, as ever, there were some gems in there, that’s if I’m interpreting the illegible scrawl correctly.

Anyway, to mark this day of yoganess, I am copying a yoga article that I wrote for my frondyoga website here. The reason for this blatant cheat is that I realise that my website is currently nigh invisible on the web, which kind of defeats the point – DOH. Also, I’ve deleted the blog from the website because the blog function on the site provider was RUBBISH. However, in a brilliant case of universe providing, who should I get chatting to at yoga this evening (you see – it’s been full on yoganess today) but a freelance copywriter who specialises in boosting searchability of websites. Thank you universe. Incidentally, this lady also writes a blog and it’s really rather good: girlinclouds.

So, here we go – blatant cheat post alert…

The Big One

For this post I thought I’d go in there big, with the million dollar question:

What is yoga?

Well, this is really an impossible question to answer fully, as yoga means something different to each person that does it. So instead, I thought it would be more useful to highlight some of the things I personally believe yoga to be, which keep me returning to the mat each day:

  • A way of making my body feel healthy, strong and supple.
  • A way of switching off my busy mind each day and focusing on the breath and the flow, grounding me and creating mental peace; a moving meditation.
  • A comforting, constant presence in my life that is always there for me, even when everything else goes a bit crazy.
  • A way of looking inward and learning so much about myself – and what I learn on the mat is then carried with me into daily life.
  • A daily opportunity to practise qualities such as discipline, humility, patience, acceptance, courage, self-belief and determination.
  • A way of finding balance in my life, on so many levels; between strength and flexibility, effort and surrender, movement and stillness, mind and body.
  • A way of meeting like-minded, interesting people and being regularly inspired by others.

Each of you will have different reasons for doing yoga or wanting to start doing it, and such diversity is wonderful; yoga is certainly multi-faceted enough to accommodate a huge array of different motivations. But, one thing I am pretty sure of is that, in all cases, yoga will bring positive things into the lives of those who choose to do it, sometimes in ways that they didn’t expect. For me, I don’t think I’ve once regretted getting on my mat and doing a session. And that has to be a good sign!

If you’d like to share some of your own thoughts on what yoga is to you, even if you’ve never done it before, then I’d love to hear them…

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One Response to Yoganess

  1. Gary says:

    All I know is it makes my knees work better (and arms, legs, hips, shoulders, back, etc.) 🙂

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