Well, today was my first day of teaching at Stonemonkey in Leamington. How to sum it up? Hmmmm… quiet!

My morning class had two ladies, who both seemed to enjoy it and said they’d see me next week, and my afternoon class aimed at teenagers had the grand total of, erm, zero students.

Still, this wasn’t unexpected. It’s always hard building up a new class, especially in the daytime when most people are at work, and especially when I’m a new kid on the block. Add to that an awesome dump of snow and the fact I haven’t really done much active advertising yet, and I certainly wasn’t imagining that the studio walls would be bulging today.

So, rather than feel down about the slow start, I have used the quietness of the day to do lots of writing. The novel that I am determined to finish in 2013 (nearly 60,000 words in now!) has taken a back-seat since my very productive week in the Lakes in November, as I’ve been focusing on trying to get yoga teaching in place for the new year. So it was with huge pleasure that I opened it up again today and found myself becoming absorbed by the characters and story once more.

I have no idea whether what I’m writing is utter trite tripe or half-decent, but one thing I do know is that, after many started and subsequently deserted ‘novels’ this one is going to reach ‘The End’, dammit. Whether I make my ideal deadline of first draft complete by June 2013 remains to be seen, and this may well depend on whether the Stonemonkey classes pick up or not! So, either way, Mondays will be productive…

A voice in my head tells me I am being classically mayhem and spreading my attention too thinly across all the things I would like to achieve. This may well be the case, and is continued food for thought. But life is a neverending experiment in trying to do the right thing so, for now, multi-tasking is part of the experiment and, as with all credible experiments, there is scope to alter the variables at a later date!

Happy Monday one and all… 🙂

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2 Responses to Slow-burner…

  1. Gary says:

    Getting teenagers out of bed in the afternoon is never going to be easy!

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