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Kundalini rising

Friday nights have certainly changed… I remember the days when I would be raving until the early hours in some mid-riff bearing outfit. However, this Friday I swapped house music for the twanging of a sitar, as I found myself sitting with … Continue reading

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Fruity finances

Earlier today I was in the supermarket, where I was buying sweet treats for the imminent arrival of my parents, who were stopping by for a cuppa en route to Stratford to catch some Shakespeare, daaahling. However, I stayed true to my experimentation … Continue reading

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Anteater – name the taxonomic group

Quick abstinence update today. I made a deliberate decision to eat chocolate today, but I think you’ll understand why when I explain… I had already decided that, if things became desperate, I’d allow myself the odd square of 70% cocoa … Continue reading

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Spring in my step, sugar in my teeth

The sky is blue, the birds are singing, the crocuses are out, my skin has actually felt the warmth of the sun… Spring seems to have made its debut appearance in Leamington Spa today… 🙂 I have certainly made the … Continue reading

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Ladies’ night

Hmmm, I am starting this post with a rare moment of grammatical head-scratching. I am not entirely sure that I have apostrophised (if that’s not a word then it should be) correctly in the title, in that I am not entirely … Continue reading

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Funny Valentine

I had honestly completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day until I opened my emails this morning and found I had an e-Valentine’s card. I am pretty convinced this came from a techno-savvy thoughtful friend/relative, but you never know, I may have a … Continue reading

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Forty days is a long time

As I was doing my yoga this morning, with the scent of fried butter on my hair from a gloriously gluttonous Shrove Tuesday with friends last night, I decided that this year I will attempt to give some things up … Continue reading

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