Funny Valentine

I had honestly completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day until I opened my emails this morning and found I had an e-Valentine’s card. I am pretty convinced this came from a techno-savvy thoughtful friend/relative, but you never know, I may have a secret admirer out there in the ether. Modern romance, eh?

My e-revelation was then closely followed by a text from an unknown number which said (I quote):

looking hot today x

Naturally, I was rather freaked out by this – was this person watching me as I read the words? It seemed unlikely, seeing as I was wearing some old pyjamas with as-yet unwashed hair – not most people’s idea of a hot look. I began to think I might have a stalker on my hands now that my mobile number is out there for all to see on my website. Fortunately, about fifteen minutes later I received another text from the same number:

sorry wrong number

This made me laugh a lot, partly from slightly hysterical relief. But I did feel the faintest twinge of disappointment. What, no admirer after all?

Fittingly, I spent the rest of V-Day with a close love of mine: yoga, of course. However, the amour was tested this afternoon as, due to no-doubt a misunderstanding on my part, once I had finished teaching a bonus class I was running, all the attendees sailed out of the door without paying. Apparently they had been told it was a ‘complimentary’ class. Awkward… Still, it’s all part of the self-employment learning curve I guess – I will certainly be checking the situation fully before committing next time!

This evening I attended a yoga class at Stonemonkey with slight trepidation, wondering who the other few lonesome souls without a date would be. However, it was HEAVING! It seems that a V-date with yoga is perfectly acceptable after all. Anyway, it was a most enjoyable hour or so, with some very energetic ommmmms – always a sign of a good session… 🙂 I am now trying not to dwell on the possible statistical correlation between yogis and singletons…

Here is the photo of the very good-looking Valentine date who I am now finishing my evening with:


Happy V-Day folks – hope it was full of romance or, like mine, some random shenanigans to make you smile… 🙂

Post-script: I have just realised the worrying significance of my photo caption. I fear I am morphing into the spinster cliche, who transfers her affections from men to cats. Oh dear – anyone fancy a date?!

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5 Responses to Funny Valentine

  1. Isobel says:

    He is very handsome………… 🙂

  2. Chloe says:

    ahhh!! Your blog has made me giggle!! Hope you are settling well into your new home xx

  3. Chelle Ryland says:

    He is indeed very handsome! I spent V-day with a friend having a belated pancake day as we were working on the real thing. Both of us yogis – both single… you might have a frightening point there Becs!

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