Spring in my step, sugar in my teeth

The sky is blue, the birds are singing, the crocuses are out, my skin has actually felt the warmth of the sun… Spring seems to have made its debut appearance in Leamington Spa today… 🙂

I have certainly made the most of this by walking what seemed like miles around the town centre, spraying all the cafes, bars, health and beauty places and anywhere else that took my fancy with posters for my yoga classes. Student stats today were static from last week, i.e. two this morning and a big fat zero this afternoon again, humph. However, after my advertising endeavours today, here’s hoping for better news next week!

Report on the abstinence diet, Day 5: Ahem, sheepish look on my face… Weeell, it was all going so well, until I entered a bakery/cook shop to drop off some flyers this afternoon. The women behind the counter were very friendly, and offered me a taster morsel of their Millionaire Shortbread as I was leaving. Without even thinking I gratefully accepted, and it was only as the sweetness from the sugar made my sensitive teeth ache that I realised what I had done. Oops… However, it was literally less than a 1cm cube, so I am not being too hard on myself. Old habits die hard though, and turning down free cake has always been an absolute no-brainer to me!

When I was back in the Stonemonkey afterwards, awaiting the crowds of afternoon students to come thronging through the door (I can dream), I was very proud of myself. Digby and a friend were also there, supping a divine looking cappucino and gorging on moist flapjack, and I managed not only to turn down the offer of my own helping, but also managed not to drool like a St Bernard all over the cafe table.

I also got through a weekend at my mum and dad’s without a slip, which was always going to be a challenge. My mum is the ultimate provider, and you can usually count the seconds on one hand on entering the house, before some kind of sumptuous homemade produce has been offered to you or thrust under your nose. I even managed to survive Dad’s proffered whisky night-cap – a tough one indeed, being a lover of the single malts.

So, feeling pretty good about the challenge, apart from my minor slip. I don’t feel any different in myself yet, and in fact my family thought I looked a bit pale and pasty at the weekend and I have only just shifted what I think must have been a caffeine-withdrawal headache. But hopefully I’ve reached the nadir and it’s all rosy cheeks and bright eyes from hereon – I’ll keep you posted…

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3 Responses to Spring in my step, sugar in my teeth

  1. Chelle Ryland says:

    So you wouldn’t like me to offer you one of my homemade pineapple and coconut cupcakes that I made at the weekend then 😉 I’ll make some more for easter – assuming you will want to hit the sugar again.

  2. beckymayhem says:

    Well, I guess pineapple and coconut are both natural sources of sugar….!

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