Anteater – name the taxonomic group

Quick abstinence update today. I made a deliberate decision to eat chocolate today, but I think you’ll understand why when I explain…

I had already decided that, if things became desperate, I’d allow myself the odd square of 70% cocoa content Green & Blacks dark chocolate as there is very little sugar in it and, frankly, there are certain problems in this world that can only be solved by chocolate. So, when a colleague arrived at work this morning with ‘anthropod chocolate’, I felt it would be a missed opportunity not to check it out. It turns out that her and some friends had enjoyed a ‘Phylum Feast’ at the weekend to celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday. They had mail-ordered some edible fried ants and bugs and mixed them in with melted Green & Blacks (70% – I checked) for the dessert. Other courses included seaweed and roe starter, mussel soup and guinea-fowl main. Whilst the culinary endeavour in itself provides a fitting celebration of the evolution of our species, I’m still quite pleased there wasn’t a place laid for me at the table – it all sounds like it would have beeen a bit heavy on the taste-buds, not to mention the intellect as, being an ecologist, I would probably have been expected to recognise each taxonomic group as it passed my lips.

Anyway, the conclusion on my almost sugar-free chocolate with added protein was that it had the exact same texture as a Toffee Crisp or Nestle Crunch bar (1990s target audience…), except that when parts of the crunchy bits became stuck in my teeth, I felt rather grossed out. Totally benign and edible right until the point where my cultural conditioning kicked in, after which  it became completely inedible. Funny, huh?

Aside from that, today I spent a happy few hours sniffing otter poo and looking for otter paw-prints on a river survey in the sunshine – perhaps more on the ecologist’s professional fascination with faeces in a future post. Bet you can’t wait…

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