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Letting the beast out

Today is the last day of my five reasons to smile challenge, and it is actually with weariness that I put fingers to keyboard tonight, at the culmination of a long week. However, there’s no way I’m flaking out on … Continue reading

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Backbends and business cards

*Sigh* the penultimate day of my ten day five reasons to smile challenge. Will I miss it? Hmmm, I shall ponder this and let you know. But, whether I shall miss it or not, it’s been an interesting and very … Continue reading

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An honest day’s work

Just back from covering a yoga class in Coventry, and totally ready to sink into my bed, so five very quick reasons to smile today: Having my blog nominated for the Liebster blog award by the very talented morningcoffeebliss blogger … Continue reading

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Turning to the dark side

Today I am tiiiiiired. I think this may be due to the sudden prickly scalp adrenaline rush that accompanied my realisation at work this morning that, if I take all my remaining holiday, that makes my last day at work, … Continue reading

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Positively awake

Day six of five reasons to smile and still going strong. The only downside of this endeavour is that I have to wait until the end of the day to be able to summarise the best bits, which means being … Continue reading

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Blue? Naaah, just tired…

Aaah, day five of the ‘five reasons to smile’ challenge – I fear my readers may be wearying of the endless positivity… However, I myself am finding it a very beneficial exercise in reviewing each day in a positive light. For example, today I … Continue reading

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A capital day

Today I braved the torrential rain and graced our glorious capital with my bumpkin presence in order to meet up with two friends for a long-overdue chinwag. I’ve just made it back home (again, in pouring rain – gee, thanks … Continue reading

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