Birthday soppiness – warning, sick bucket may be required

Tonight, I end my 34th birthday with an overwhelming sense of love for family and friends. Yes, I know I sound like the drunken sop in the corner, slobbering and swaying over whoever is foolish enough to sit next to them, but actually my slushy gushiness is brought to you by approximately five litres of green tea (I think I should enter some kind of world record for imbibing this) and, admittedly, dare I say it, a slice of birthday cake. BUT, before you admonish me for my sugar lapse, the cake was, miraculously, sugar-free. A friend gave me the fantastic present of baking me a cake made essentially from dried fruit, ground almonds and sweetened with boiled dates. And all present concurred that it was genuinely divine – not ‘knit-your-own-yoghurt’ at all… 🙂

I have had an absolutely lovely, classic mayhem day. The sun shone and the wind’s bite softened, my yoga classes had record-breaking numbers (five people this morning – whoop!), I experienced an intense ‘good-pain’ deep tissue massage (my yoga students often tease me for my over-use of the phrase, ‘It’s good pain – honest’, but it’s true – the body knows the difference!), had a lunch of grilled haloumi and cherry tomatoes with my sister in Bread & Co (a fave cafe of mine), treated myself to a cute top (and, whilst paying, did some inadvertent networking with the shop owner who is looking for a private yoga tutor – fate?!), skyped another sis in Russia, and finally got dolled up to head out for a tasty dinner at Wagamamas with a friend then onto drinks at a swish teahouse/wine bar with more friends. Phew, busy – but in the best possible way.

All day I have felt that lovely internal warmth that comes from feeling the love and good vibes from others; cards, messages, phone calls, emails, conversations and skypes from friends and family, all wishing me well. It is impossible not to feel gratitude for all of life’s blessings on days like today, and that is why I always have, and always will, love birthdays, both my own and those of others.

And today felt extra special for some reason. It has been a tough year for me, but what has always hauled me through the bad times is the collective care, support, understanding and love from friends, family and colleagues. I know I am being ridiculously soppy, but these things don’t get said enough.

In a bizarre twist of fate, I received some difficult news out of the blue tonight that might, on another day, have sent me into a bit of a downer. But, despite ostensibly dreadful timing, in fact it was perfect timing, as I was riding high on this feeling of being carried on the shoulders of those who touch my life with their positivity, friendship and support. I looked around at all the friends who had turned out on a school night to a place that I had dubiously advertised as doing ‘a great green tea’, and felt touched and bouyed by their presence around me and also by all those who weren’t there, but whose love and support I feel from afar – you know who you are… 🙂

Anyway, I am truly lucky and start my 34th (or should that actually be 35th?) year feeling immensely blessed, and that’s said with non-alcoholic candour… 🙂 I know I’m a soppy fool, but I don’t care. Isn’t it a perogative of the aged to say whatever they want without fear of recourse?!

Friends and family ROCK! xx

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2 Responses to Birthday soppiness – warning, sick bucket may be required

  1. Well said! And a very belated happy happy birthday to you!

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