Postal pick-me-ups

We all know it’s never going to be easy finding out that your ex has met someone else, especially when it’s by text on the celebratory evening of your birthday (yep, for real). However, little messages of support and hope come in unusual packages it seems. Feeling rather tearful today (I think I hadn’t really dealt with it yesterday and I am definitely a ‘crier’, which is strange because apparently I suffer from dry eye syndrome, hmmm – funny old world!), I cycled home early in the glorious sunshine with the touch of spring on my skin, and felt my mood lift slightly. I then stopped off at my second home, the Stonemonkey Studio, to pick up a ‘perishable package’ that I’d been told awaited me there.

It turned out to be a box of Riverford organic fruit from a very thoughtful friend, supporting my abstinence diet from afar with exciting alternative natural sugar sources, including a giant pineapple. The corners of my mouth twitched upwards and my mood lifted higher.

Then I arrived home to another package, which claimed itself to be ‘a little piece of Cornwall’ and a ‘reminder that spring is on its way’. It turned out to be a beautiful bouquet of hand-picked primroses, snowdrops and crocuses from my uncle’s Cornish lane, carefully packed into wet, earthy moss to survive the journey from the deep south. Now I know, as an ecologist, that picking wildflowers is a no no, but on this occasion, the smile and happiness that it elicited would warm the cockles of a judge enough to let my uncle off, I am sure.

So really, this is an extension of yesterday’s gushy speech about gratitude and appreciation for friends and family. How could my friend Jen and my uncle Nigel have known that their packages would arrive at exactly the right time for maximum effect? Perhaps they didn’t and it was just coincidence, but I like to think that the universe had it all under control… 😉

Finally, here is a photo of the current state of my bedside table, which is making me feel happier by the minute – a good job because I am about to have a potentially very significant skype session – cliff-hanger alert!!


Treasures from my travels, my trusty Goethe quote and ‘I love nature’ print, my family peeping out at me from the back, my Cornish bouquet in the foreground and the omnipresent green tea – serenity on a surface… 🙂

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One Response to Postal pick-me-ups

  1. Chelle Ryland says:

    Is that decaf green tea?

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