Five reasons to smile

I’m back – in all senses of the word! I’ve finally come through the mire of self-pity and sleep deprivation and am, frankly, bored of the sight of my glum face. Therefore it is banished. I’m turning that frown upside down. Life is good, life is out there, life is what’s happening right now. I want to be fully involved in all its good times and glory again.

So, as penance for recent wallowing, I pledge to write a list of five things to smile about in at least my next ten posts. Today, the following things have made me smile:

  1. First up (and I doubt this has made it onto many ‘top five’ lists) is the market town of Atherstone. Lumped in with the much maligned ex-coal-mining towns of North Warwickshire (aka ‘the armpit of Warwickshire’), where a liberal scattering of extra digits are claimed to be spread amongst the locals, I was not expecting great things of the place when I headed up the A444 this morning for a council workshop on Green Infrastructure. However, as I wandered out to explore at lunch (I am like a caged animal at conferences and workshops, and always make a bid for freedom and fresh air whenever possible), I was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly, I was seeing the town in glorious sunshine through the clarity of an icy blue sky, but it was buzzing with friendly locals, an unusual proportion of happily smiling pedestrians and an inordinate number of good-looking blokes walking around in sharp suits. Thriving independent shops lined the quaint High Street and an unassuming but attractive church was set in a peaceful square, making me feel inexplicably like I was in a genteel French ville.
  2. The intriguing sensory confusion of warm sun on the skin combined with an icy nip in the air. Is it spring? Is it winter? I don’t know, but I like it!
  3. The easiness of being at home with the ‘rents, Zen Ben and Maggie the feisty French cat. Being so far north in the county, I was halfway there, so decided to visit mum and dad for the evening. Long chats over a cuppa and a good helping of home cooking is good for the soul.
  4. New clothes – I wore my new funky leggings and vest to do my yoga in this evening. Now yoga teaching is part of my profession I figured I needed to invest in some new garb, rather than continue to expose my students to the sweat-infused sportswear that I bought in TK-MAXX about a decade ago.
  5. Sleeeeeeep – two nights of good shut-eye in a row has made all the difference, and I’m hopeful for a third tonight… 🙂

Happy Wednesday one and all – every new day is a reason to smile.

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