Becky loses count

Today’s top reasons to smile (I’m going to try and do this each day for the next ten days):

  1. Teaching a great class at Coventry Uni, where the hard-working energy and enthusiasm in the room was almost palpable.
  2. Doing a very mellow two hour Thai yoga massage on a lady with an injured hip, and really feeling, for the first time, the healing connection between masseuse and massaged. She responded incredibly well to the treatment, really letting go of some deep tension with her breath, and it felt like I was actively helping to heal her hip. Awesome.
  3. Successfully playing the chord of F major on my guitar for the first time (usually I make this sound like a mouse being strangled, thanks to the seeming impossibility of ‘barring’).
  4. Seeing the shiny, happy faces of my gorgeous niece and nephew over skype in Russia. It’s my nephew’s birthday tomorrow, so I was skyping early to sing the obligatory ‘Happy Birthday’ song as I’m out all day tomorrow. My nephew is brilliantly quirky and, in classic ‘I did it my way’ style, he is having a tropical themed birthday in the midst of snowy Moscow, bless.
  5. Learning that mum and dad’s cat actually has an ASBO against her, recorded on her vetinary record. You wouldn’t want to be the one sticking a thermometer up her bum, that’s for sure…
  6. Trying out a new pub for a post-yoga drink with a friend and having a sudden realisation that our scruffy garb and sweaty, red-faced, mat-toting look was at odds with the smart shirted Hollister brigade and ‘mwah mwah’ laughter. I whispered to my friend, ‘Let’s project ‘old money’ – they always look the scruffiest’.
  7. Bath-time – I love a good soak in the bath, and tonight’s was made even more enjoyable by inadvertently creating ‘Afro-duck’ by carelessly tossing aside my ‘body polisher’ (yes, such glorifed terminology is how they justify charging you multiple poundage for a bit of netting).
  8. The faintest sliver of the moon in the sky – like a baby’s fingernail.


Afro-duck, making me chuckle in the bath (NB I am not a weirdo who takes a camera into the bath; I returned for the shot…)

Hmmm, you’ll notice the five reasons has become eight. Well, sod it – the more reasons to smile the better I say,… 🙂 Plus, my blog, my (lack of) rules!

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One Response to Becky loses count

  1. Chelle Ryland says:

    My cat Dharma has an ASBO against him at our vets too. There was literally blood all over the waiting area! That will teach them to cut his nads off – I’m guessing 🙂

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