Meat-fuelled merriment

I’m sneaking five quickies in tonight, before bed, ooer – breaking my rule about not using the computer at least an hour before bed, but hey ho…

Reasons to be cheerful, day three:

  1. An awesome selection of randomised tunes from my ipod as I walked through the centre of Birmingham in the grey drizzle on my way to a meeting. Sometimes the randomiser seems to tune in to your exact mood – today I was mostly rocking out to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and The Hives, with the odd bit of classic old-school Moby and Massive Attack to mellow out to in between. I swear my pace matched the shifting BPM the whole way…
  2. Hanging with the West Midlands Biological Records Centres crew – not the obvious source of a day’s fun and puerile japes, but there is something about that particular combination of personalities in a room that means the meeting always degenerates into the best kind of silliness come the afternoon. It gives me hope that the work environment can still allow for quirky individuality and ‘shits and giggles’. (And, in the faintest chance that any of our funders are reading this, we also work really hard at the meetings – in fact the silliness is a necessary outlet for our creative thought-process, ahem.)
  3. Reindeer steak night – my friend has just returned from Sweden, and managed to stow away a scary amount of meat in his luggage (somehow that sounds like a camp euphemism). Tonight I dined on reindeer and moose, no less. Reindeer tasted dark, almost like liver, whereas moose was like a very tender beef fillet steak. Yum. This is the first red meat I have had in weeks – it will be interesting to see how my abstinence-fuelled increasingly pure insides deal with it!
  4. Reading back some of my novel-in-progress to myself on the train and almost daring to wonder that it might actually not be complete tripe…
  5. Belly laughing with friends. I love laughing, I love being completely silly. I had almost forgotten these things about myself during what I am now referring to as my recent ‘glumerama week’.
  6. Starting to potentially plot a week of surf and sun with a friend in the imminent future – in my head I’m there already, feeling the sun on my back as I race down the face of a wave… 🙂 In case you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE holidays.
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