Blue? Naaah, just tired…

Aaah, day five of the ‘five reasons to smile’ challenge – I fear my readers may be wearying of the endless positivity… However, I myself am finding it a very beneficial exercise in reviewing each day in a positive light. For example, today I felt very tired and, being a very emotional kinda girl, I can often feel blue when tired. In my current wisdom, I now know not to dwell on such negative feelings because they are merely a reflection of my lack of sleep. However, knowing feelings are duplicitous does not stop you feeling them. So, today could have become a bit of a throw-away-day, permeated by the pathetic fallacy of the grey sky outside.

However, the five reasons to smile challenge forced me to see the day as a new opportunity to seek the fun and joy of life. As such, I bring you the following:

  1. Another top Thai massage completed. I know this is a bit of a cheat, because I have used this reason in a previous post. However, despite not being in a great frame of mind to massage someone for two hours, I spent a while psyching myself up and getting into a positive frame of mind beforehand. It really worked – I really enjoyed giving it, the client absolutely loved it and his feedback was that I had a very easy, friendly and open manner that put him at his ease and made him have total confidence in what I was doing to him – result! 🙂
  2. The delicious feeling of decadent naughtiness due to treating myself this afternoon to a de-caff filter coffee and chocolate truffle left over from my birthday (the truffle was without refined sugar, I may add – it’s just pure cocoa with the tiniest bit of agave syrup, and absolutely divine). The abstinence diet is going really well – I am not missing any of the things I’ve given up (caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar) but know that I am going to really appreciate them once I can partake again, rather than taking them for granted, which can only be a positive. Also, I usually struggle to regulate my blood sugar – I often feel hungry, faint, sleepy etc and find myself snacking throughout the day on sugary morsels. However, since taking refined sugar out of my diet this has completely ceased. I have no cravings between meal-times whatsoever, and feel much more alert in general. It definitely feels like this is how my body wants to be, naturally.
  3. This evening I could easily have sulked around a bit in my room and had an early night. However, I dragged myself out to visit the Somerville Arms, a pub in Leamington that I’ve been meaning to check out for ages due to its live music credentials. Tonight ‘Jabba’s Palace’ were playing – brilliant name. They are a latin American influenced acoustic six-part band that reminded me a bit of the awesome Gotan Project and occasionally had hints of drum and bass. Great to see a female bass player too. I am so glad I went – the music lifted me, I got to know a new friend better, I had a boogie to a particularly frenetic tune and I think I may have found my new local.
  4. This is kind of part of 3 but warrants its own bullet point due to my excitement. I also met a singing teacher tonight, whose enthusiasm, presence and infectious sense of fun were inspiring. Also, it turns out that she really wants to learn ashtanga yoga, so we have agreed to trade skills. This seems like one of those fateful connections – I definitely get a ‘feeling’ about it, especially as I have been thinking more and more about how I would like to bring singing back into my life recently. I also absolutely love the whole swapping trades approach (I also arranged to trade a thai massage for a facial with another friend this evening – not a bad haul for one night!). It fills me with great happiness to know I have something to offer to others, and it is something that I love sharing. This is how life should be – organic, mutually beneficial, rewarding, fun, easy.
  5. That the five reasons to smile challenge has become a reason to smile in itself! It certainly turned my day around today… 🙂
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3 Responses to Blue? Naaah, just tired…

  1. Chelle Ryland says:

    Have you finished your Thai massage course yet or do you still need bodies to practice on? Another trade maybe – you can push on my back and I can push on yours?

    • beckymayhem says:

      Hi Michelle – I’m at the stage of doing case studies in preparation for the final assessment. I have all my case studies lined up but would nevertheless love to trade massages with you – it’s always good to experience someone else’s massage and also to get feedback from someone who understands the massage – let’s fix up a date! I am pretty flat out with me case studies over April but hopefully it should tail off a bit after that… x

  2. Chelle says:

    Cool. Just let me know when you’re ready.

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