Turning to the dark side

Today I am tiiiiiired. I think this may be due to the sudden prickly scalp adrenaline rush that accompanied my realisation at work this morning that, if I take all my remaining holiday, that makes my last day at work, erm… THIS FRIDAY! So, in true May girl style, my productivity level soared skyward in response to the imminent deadline and I was a dervish of efficiency all day. That, coupled with teaching a yoga class straight after work (awesome effort from all involved today…) and a cycle ride home through cold wind has made Becky one sleepy girl…

I realise I’ve missed out a key piece of background information in the above paragraph. Yes, you read correctly – I am finishing my job as one of Warwickshire County Council’s Ecologists at the end of the month and heading back to ‘the dark side’, i.e. ecological consultancy. Last time I attempted this shift, I ended up a gibberish, sleep-deprived wreck due to too many nocturnal bat and newt surveys and an insane workload (the nature of ecology is that around 90% of the year’s work is crammed in between April and September, whilst the animals and plants are out and about; hence summers are completely bonkers). However, this time I will only be working three days a week to continue my current balance with two days and one evening teaching yoga/massaging. I am also hoping that the flexibility of consultancy working hours might work particularly well with this split, especially as I will be working from home rather than office-based. It is all rather experimental, and I am going in with the positive mind-set that I’ll  give it everything I can and see how it feels. Either way, it will be a good exercise in fine-tuning my life-work balance, even if it confirms to me that my path doesn’t lie in that area. So, I am sure I will be regaling you with tales of the birds and the bees (don’t get too excited) as my crazy summer of wildlife-based antics unfolds… Wish me luck!

Anyway, here are today’s five reasons to smile:

  1. An indulgent lunch-time stroll down the very quaint Smith Street in Warwick, where all manner of obscure independent shops vie for my attention. I was on a mission to buy some loose leaf Japanese green tea from the enchanting Golden Monkey Tea Shop. It is like a mysterious cavern of exotic delights, all dark and enticing. Large silver urns line the walls from floor to ceiling, giving it a slightly eerie funereal vibe, and the pungent aroma of grassy tea tickles your nostrils. I loved it, and happily chatted to the sales girl about my new tea-based obsession. I then popped into my favourite local boutique, Aspire. It is ridiculously girlie (it even smells of perfume as you enter) and I am like a child in a sweet shop every time I am drawn in like a moth to the flame of extravagant purchases. Beautiful, quirky dresses and jewelry drape off tables and hangers, and gorgeous bags and shoes call to you softly from ornate shelves, convincing you that you need them in your life. I managed to leave without a purchase – I’m very proud of myself.
  2. Finally sending off my signed contract for the new job. Something had stopped me doing this before – I guess the apprehension of re-entering consultancy. However, once again I remind myself that whatever decision I make is the correct one, and it is how I deal with the outfall that defines me. So once the envelope was in the post-box, I felt the sweet lifting of the burden of the decision from my shoulders. And so the next chapter is decided…
  3. Watching the haunting beauty of a starling murmuration over an industrial estate in Leamington Spa. Unfortunately I had missed the actual event, and was watching a friend’s recording of it online, but it nevertheless stopped my breath in wonder at the magic of the natural world. The flock creates beautiful, almost alien-like shapes, not dissimilar to the constantly shifting globules in a lava lamp. Why? It is known that the birds are amassing ready to roost for the night, but there seems no reason why this should be such a mind-blowingly stunning spectacle to the human observer. It is like a gift from nature.
  4. Finding my bank card. Yesterday, I had that horrid sick feeling when I came to pay for my shopping as I realised my card wasn’t in my wallet. I racked my brain, seeing if I could remember any dodgy shenanigans, but nothing came to mind, so I chose to relax and trust that it was lying at home waiting for me innocently. And it was – this morning I randomly found it in my sock drawer. Don’t ask me how it ended up there…
  5. Receiving a parcel in the post of new, stylish yoga clothes from the hip, urban (and rather pricey) Sweaty Betty company. My very generous and lovely friends had clubbed together to give me vouchers for my birthday, and I can’t wait to try them out in class. I purposefully went for bright, vibrant colours, as that is how teaching yoga makes me feel… 🙂


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One Response to Turning to the dark side

  1. Gary says:

    The starlings murmurise / murmurate over where i work some evenings, probably the same ones you saw a film of. It’s quite a spectacle, watching them split into two groups, then fly at each other and merge. I’m sure they’re only doing it to show off and “ooh, check out our murmurations, why don’t you?”

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