An honest day’s work

Just back from covering a yoga class in Coventry, and totally ready to sink into my bed, so five very quick reasons to smile today:

  1. Having my blog nominated for the Liebster blog award by the very talented morningcoffeebliss blogger – what a wonderful, inspiring start to the day! I often question why I write my blog – I personally derive huge benefits from flexing my writing muscles and making sense of my life and thoughts through my ramblings (I have always been someone to crystallise my thoughts through writing), but I do often wonder what other people get out of it. So it’s always fantastic to hear that people enjoy reading it, especially enough to nominate me. Made my day… 🙂
  2. I then went to morningcoffeebliss’s blog and was completely blown away by her frank honesty about very personal issues such as battling depression, which is a subject close to my heart, and especially considering she’s only 23 – an old soul, if ever I read one. She has inspired me to be more honest in my own writing. As a reader, for me the best writing is brutally honest, no holds barred, but as a writer this is obviously very challenging. That’s why not many people can do it – you have to expose your soul to reach out to people, and it’s a helluva scary thing to do. But I think, for those that dare, it is a precious gift, because it breaks taboos and allows people to recognise and give shape to their own thoughts and feelings, which usually remain hidden below the surface. It can be immensely reassuring to know there are others out there experiencing the same things as you; that you are not alone. As I write on my frond yoga web page, ‘there is beauty in connection’.
  3. Teaching a yoga class in my new Sweaty Betty gear  and catching sight of myself in the studio mirror, thinking – ‘Check me out in my hip, urban hot-pink vest and leggings!’.
  4. Having Cally the cat, who usually gives me a wild look and shoots out of the room whenever she sees me, nuzzle into the back of my head and play with my hair whilst I languished on the sofa this evening, wishing that teleportation had been invented so that I wouldn’t have to climb the stairs to bed – yes, I’m that knackered.
  5. BED-TIME! I love sleep.
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  1. Blog on our kid luvin it xx

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