Backbends and business cards

*Sigh* the penultimate day of my ten day five reasons to smile challenge. Will I miss it? Hmmm, I shall ponder this and let you know. But, whether I shall miss it or not, it’s been an interesting and very worthwhile exercise, and one I shall try and continue in my daily thoughts, if not in my written words. One thing is for sure, and that is that I’m buzzing with creativity today, which I think is an unequivocal sign that my mind is in a good place. As soon as anxiety, sadness, loneliness or any other negative emotion starts to take hold, creativity is the first casualty to fall by the wayside; it requires mental freedom and happiness to flow.

So, on that happy note, here are five other reasons to be happy:

  1. Irritatingly, I had to drive to Coventry this morning, even though I wasn’t teaching at the university due to Easter hols. I needed to sort out my staff card and get myself registered onto ‘the system’ (yawn), and this was particularly irritating as I had already made the trek over to the human remains, sorry, resources, building on two previous occasions. The first time ‘the system’ was down, and the second time I was met by blank faces – the system had let me down again as there was no record of my appointment in the book and the relevant lady was AWOL. Sooo, I was a little bit peeved as I set off into the grey day up the A46. However, I pressed play on my CD player and was nearly catapulted off my seat by the energy of Pendulum at high volume – it brought back brilliant memories of dancing like a nutter to their live set at Bestival a couple of years ago. Suddenly, the drive to Cov became a fun, nostalgia filled trip rather than a dutiful slog, and I received a thumbs up from a rather dishy bloke in a van in the next lane who saw me (I blush) head-banging to myself in a Wayne’s World stylee. AND, third time lucky – I am now ‘on the system’, eek, and have yet another lanyard and card with blurry ‘escape from the asylum’ photo attached.
  2. My first business cards arrived today! I used a free Vistaprint template but am nevertheless rather pleased with the professional end-product. Soooo exciting. Suddenly I feel the need to go on business lunches and call urgent meetings with clients.
  3. Fired up by previously mentioned creativity, I spent a happy afternoon tapping away on my netbook, writing lots of words, some of them not so bad, I thought. However, creativity paused whilst I gave one of my case studies a Thai massage. Then, on returning to my netbook, I found Chloe the cat sprawled out across the keyboard, savouring the warmth, and found, once I’d moved her on, that the mouse touch pad was inexplicably no longer functioning. Hmmm. Luckily, Rosie (my ace landlady and also in-house IT support), had an all-singing-all-dancing alien looking mouse that I am now using – progress is slow.
  4. I then went for my first ‘facial’, with a friend who is providing this in return for being another of my massage case studies – trading skills rocks, especially when it’s any kind of body-work. It was AMAZING – seriously, she had magic hands. We started with a gorgeous scrub, with ground almonds, then she applied some of her home-made oil (base oil was apricot kernel I think – divine) and massaged it in with a deeply relaxing variety of strokes. My favourite part was when she gently massaged my actual eyeballs through my eyelids – sounds gross, I know, but you HAVE to check this out. I instantly fell into a deep stratum of relaxation – incredible. She finished off my applying ‘proton therapy’ (or, as she said, a glorified torch). Again, this was incredibly relaxing, and apparently my skin will look amazing tomorrow – a photo may be forthcoming…
  5. I have just returned from an AMAZING yoga class at Stonemonkey. Thanks to a record-breaking 17 people in the studio, the heat almost matched that of tropical Thailand and, as such, I was able to get as deep into kapotasana as I had back in sunnier climes. It felt fantastic. (By the way, kapotasana is an intense back-bend and quad burner from ashtanga second series – spookily, I posted a photo of this pose on my frond yoga facebook page earlier today – it must have been a premonition!)


I’ll get my people to talk to your people…

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5 Responses to Backbends and business cards

  1. Isobel says:

    Looking goooooooood! 🙂 xxx

  2. charl says:


  3. beckymayhem says:

    Thanks Charl… 🙂 xx

  4. Chelle says:

    Proton therapy? We use proton therapy to treat cancer patients – the machine are considerably larger than a torch and you wouldn’t be using it for a facial!

    For your skin’s sake I hope you meant phototherapy 🙂

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