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Butcher versus Bard

This week, for some reason, my eyes and ears seem to have been particularly tuned into contrasts and juxtapositions. Here are some that have struck me: The contrast between the hectic craziness and complexity of carrying out my ecologist role … Continue reading

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Theme-park history

Now, I am generally a very positive person who likes to celebrate the good things in life. However, today I am playing the part of ‘appalled from Leamington’ and feel the need to rant. A friend came to visit me … Continue reading

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Reverse ageing

I’ve spent this beautiful sunny day in the basement of Stonemonkey Studio, doing a First Aid at Work course designed specifically for yoga teachers. I (obviously) learnt a number of new things,┬áincluding the fact that not only have the proportions … Continue reading

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Climatic climax (a geography term, honest)

Aaaah, the sun’s warmth on my skin, the smell of barbecues and optimism in the air, oodles of pale flesh on show in town, a smile:frown gradient that’s through the roof, beer gardens bursting at the seams. THIS is what … Continue reading

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Comme-ci comme-ca

Yesterday, I once again exploited the benefits of flexible working hours and working from home, and headed out at lunch to explore my new home-town, Leamington Spa. I walked all the way down the Parade to reach the ‘grittier’ side … Continue reading

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Lichen revival

After the five reasons to smile challenge I needed a bit of a break from blogging. Life has certainly become more hectic since I started the new ecology consultancy job, as suspected, so there is less time to sit and … Continue reading

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