Dawning realisation

Warning: the positivity levels in this post may exceed critical threshold of cheesiness for the reader and thus may lead to a sense of mild nausea… 🙂

At around 4 am this morning, as I sat huddled on a plastic chair in a stranger’s garden wearing a head-torch, attached to all kinds of flashing pieces of expensive kit and generally looking like I was up to no good (don’t ask – well if you do, ask those blimmin’ bats), I listened to the crescendoing dawn chorus and felt a slow smile widen across my face.

Is there anything as joyous as hearing the birds rouse from their slumber and herald the new day with their jubilant melodies? If you’re somewhere rural, it tends to start with the fat goitre warblings of the wood pigeon, which my mum always said was them saying ‘My toe hurts Peggy’ (COMPLETELY random, I know, but try it – it works uncannily), closely followed by the intricate trills of the blackbird, the angry croak of the pheasant, the cheeky triplets of the thrush and the no-nonsense regularity of the chiff chaff. All together, the swelling symphony feels like one of nature’s indulgent gifts. Then the birds start moving in purposeful, arrow-straight lines – where are they all going on such earnest missions? To their favourite morning branch I guess.

Anyway, despite begrudgingly leaving the house at 2am to be there, I felt blessed to be in this cold garden with a numb bum, sat beneath the ghostly glow of a clump of hawthorn blossom, awaiting sunrise. Alongside the avian joy, I felt my own happiness bubbling up, and I had a realisation that I was in a very good place; that life felt really rather splendid. Yes, the sunshine helps in so many ways but, more than that, things are coming together in beckymayhem world. The law of attraction states that positivity attracts positive happenings, and this certainly seems to be playing out in my neck of the woods.

As dawn gently approached in tiny leaps of incremental lightening, I felt lights flicker on, both in the sky and in my mind, as I went through all the good things in my life at the moment.

The yoga classes are building and, more than anything, my love of teaching grows each week – I have found my ‘thing’ at last. This week I finished my final Thai massage case study and I have my final assessment next weekend and have already had my first paying customer, so hopefully that star will also rise soon. I have been offered a paid position teaching yoga at a beachside surf-yoga retreat in Morocco for six months – it’s slightly up in the air as to when I’ll start, but it feels very much the ‘right’ next step on my path to my dream career (focusing on how yoga benefits adventure sports such as surfing, biking, snowboarding and climbing). More on this in later posts no doubt. I am really enjoying the ecology mayhem and the flexibility that working from home offers me. And my personal life is brimming with happiness too, no doubt as a result of my own growing contentment.

I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before and, like a massive cliche (cliches are there for a reason), I know that the happiness feels sweeter for having made it through difficult times and depression. It is too tempting to avoid cliches, but by imparting information solely from direct experience, I like to think that the personal truth cuts through any generic superficiality.

As I drove home after the survey, with the magic of the sun’s fiery furnace rising from red to yellow in the sky, my happiness grew as I took in the beautiful details that only a fantastic sunrise can give you: pink-hued may blossom dripping from hedgerow branches (yes I know, I’m obsessed with this plant); discombobulated pigeons and hares moving sleepily out of the way on country lanes; swathes of morning mist casting an opaque, milky filter across valley bottoms, cooling green to blue. Ben Howard’s silken lyrics, sweet strummings and haunting harmonies were the perfect backdrop to elevate my happiness to an acute sense of wonder at the world and a deep contentment about my place within it… 🙂

Anyway, enough already, I hear you groan – I will make sure that the next post is full of rage, negativity, swear words and bitter bile – hmmm, actually I am not sure I would be capable of such writing, but it would be an interested literary challenge!

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6 Responses to Dawning realisation

  1. Nigel May says:

    Dear Becky. You’ve got dawn in a nutshell. I ‘ve been up and around at 4.00am – this time not sleeping and as I had a good book to read came downstairs and had the Garden room door open. The first bird down here at Cutmere is the song thrush, then followed by the others. But as you say – it is magical time of the day, I just wish my biological clock was set to early mornings.
    It is great to hear you feeling so positive and top of the world. The 6 months in Morocco sounds exciting and right up your street!
    Just had a couple scanning photos of Will’s and Juliet yet to be born baby. It is amazing the detail that they can now get.
    Keep enjoying yourself and I am sure you are right – if you are positive, then positive things will happen.
    Lost of love

  2. Nigel May says:

    Freudian slip there – Lots of love!!!

  3. beckymayhem says:

    Good to hear from you Nigel 🙂 yes, dawn is a magical time but nevertheless I hope your sleeping situation improves – insomnia is horrible! Lots of love xxx

  4. Katherine R says:

    Hi Becky, I came across this post and have to say – WOW 6 months paid surf-yoga job on a BEACH in MOROCCO. It sounds absolutely fantastic, hope it works out for you,
    all the best, Katherine

  5. beckymayhem says:

    Thanks Kathryn – yes I’m very excited and just crossing everything that it comes off as it’s all a bit up in the air due to various reasons. It would literally be my dream job! Hope all is well with you 🙂 Becky x

  6. beckymayhem says:

    Ooops, sorry for spelling your name wrong – My Thai massage teacher spells it differently and I have Thai massage on the brain this weekend!

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