Back in business

I had nigh forgotten about my poor old neglected blog, but then a strange sequence of events has forced its patient presence back into my life over the last twenty-four hours. Last night I went round for dinner with friends and halfway through the evening one of them disappeared to do ‘blog stuff’. It turns out he has made the intention to blog each day for a year, starting on his 50th birthday. On each day of his fiftieth year, he will post a photo that he’s taken that day and some related blurb. (As an aside, if my dad was reading this he would be keen to point out that this would actually be his 51st year, just to rub the ageing thing in further – he has always been peculiarly pedantic on this point, reminding us that ‘we were in our first year before we turned one’. Guess he’s right again,*sigh*…)

Anyway, this morning, bleary-eyed after not much sleep due to gassing with friends until late then rising early to check the status of a birds’ nest on a demolition site (the chicks had safely fledged, yay!), I sat down with a cuppa and trawled through my friend’s back-entries (ooer). One cold cup of tea later and I realised I had been totally hooked in by his inspired ramblings and funny insights into this wonderful and crazy life we are blessed to experience. It reminded me how brilliant it is to share your take on life, and how I love reading others’ words and sharing my words with others. Blogging is brilliant for that. I felt a rush of affection for my poor blog, languishing in a dusty, forgotten corner of the internet, and made a promise to myself that I would go and retrieve it, dust it off and unleash it on the world once more. Well, unleash is probably a bit grand – in internet terms, my reappearance is more like a very small, fluffy, lop-eared rabbit hopping rather erratically and ephemerally across the screen as a subliminal flicker like off Fight Club. Don’t ask me why it’s lop-eared. Or even why it’s a rabbit.

Anyway, following this promise, made to myself as I drifted off the sleep, this morning I received an email from someone I’m doing some work with, who congratulated me out of the blue on my ‘awesome blog by the way’. I was flummoxed – I wasn’t aware anyone was still reading my blog. Somehow I still fail to comprehend that, once ‘out there’ my words stay there for all to see, even when I’m not updating. It’s kind of like thinking no one can see you when you can’t see them. So anyway, I took this as a sign that I should press on with cranking up my creative juices and flexing my typing fingers once more – and here I am, a girl of my word (or, rather, words)!

So I am very grateful to my friend Tony for inspiring my return to the weird world of blogging and I would highly recommend his blog for anyone who likes to have something amusing and/or thought-provoking to chew on over a cuppa:

I will finish this with a very brief beckymayhem update. After seven months teaching yoga, travelling and surfing in Morocco and France, I am now back in the UK for the summer, once again attempting the crazy combination of ecology, yoga teaching, massage and (at least in my whimsical head) writing (novel update: hopefully only around a third to go now, fingers crossed!). I am also currently living in a caravan – but more on that later. Bye for now… 🙂


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2 Responses to Back in business

  1. Nussaibah says:

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures 😉

  2. NotJonny says:

    Hah, thanks for the kind words Becky. I’m pleased if my ramblings have nudged your blog back into life. And I’d just like to point out, I do in fact share your father’s pedantry, and so ensure that I always say “every day that I am 50…” or similar, never mentioning my 50th year (which this isn’t)…at least I mean not to…hmm now I’m wondering!

    Anyway thanks again, I shall savour the “beckymayhem bump” of pageviews my blog will no doubt now be blessed with!


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