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Something’s got my goat

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of goats in Morocco. Every morning I wade through a group of them foraging through the stinky Tarazhout public bins, on my way to the car, and this morning I was nearly … Continue reading

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Letting go with Hamish Hendry

Hellooo – I’m back! I’ve been rather distracted from the blog of late, mainly due to experiencing some fine summer weather at last, and the resultant lure of the great outdoors. It’s been a wonderful few weeks full of simple, … Continue reading

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Dublin sub-culture

As I sit and type this, watching the rain slide down the window outside, it seems incredible that I was sunning myself in glorious Dublin only three days ago. It was my first trip to Ireland and I was totally … Continue reading

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Comme-ci comme-ca

Yesterday, I once again exploited the benefits of flexible working hours and working from home, and headed out at lunch to explore my new home-town, Leamington Spa. I walked all the way down the Parade to reach the ‘grittier’ side … Continue reading

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Letting the beast out

Today is the last day of my five reasons to smile challenge, and it is actually with weariness that I put fingers to keyboard tonight, at the culmination of a long week. However, there’s no way I’m flaking out on … Continue reading

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Birthday soppiness – warning, sick bucket may be required

Tonight, I end my 34th birthday with an overwhelming sense of love for family and friends. Yes, I know I sound like the drunken sop in the corner, slobbering and swaying over whoever is foolish enough to sit next to them, but … Continue reading

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An experiment in contentment

Recently, I’ve found my thoughts frequently drifting off into nebulous, nostalgic day-dreams of those heady days when I wandered aimlessly from cafe to cafe with my life on my back, my biggest problem being which type of muffin to order next. So today I … Continue reading

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