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Body language

This post is brought to you by the faintly-remembered feeling of pre-exam nerves. Visions of desk-lined gym halls and bored-looking teachers pacing the aisles keep flashing through my head, accompanied by an associated wave of nausea each time. It’s my … Continue reading

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Butcher versus Bard

This week, for some reason, my eyes and ears seem to have been particularly tuned into contrasts and juxtapositions. Here are some that have struck me: The contrast between the hectic craziness and complexity of carrying out my ecologist role … Continue reading

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Ladies’ night

Hmmm, I am starting this post with a rare moment of grammatical head-scratching. I am not entirely sure that I have apostrophised¬†(if that’s not a word then it should be) correctly in the title, in that I am not entirely … Continue reading

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