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Body language

This post is brought to you by the faintly-remembered feeling of pre-exam nerves. Visions of desk-lined gym halls and bored-looking teachers pacing the aisles keep flashing through my head, accompanied by an associated wave of nausea each time. It’s my … Continue reading

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Butcher versus Bard

This week, for some reason, my eyes and ears seem to have been particularly tuned into contrasts and juxtapositions. Here are some that have struck me: The contrast between the hectic craziness and complexity of carrying out my ecologist role … Continue reading

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Letting the beast out

Today is the last day of my five reasons to smile challenge, and it is actually with weariness that I put fingers to keyboard tonight, at the culmination of a long week. However, there’s no way I’m flaking out on … Continue reading

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An honest day’s work

Just back from covering a yoga class in Coventry, and totally ready to sink into my bed, so five very quick reasons to smile today: Having my blog nominated for the Liebster blog award by the very talented morningcoffeebliss blogger … Continue reading

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Meat-fuelled merriment

I’m sneaking five quickies in tonight, before bed, ooer – breaking my rule about not using the computer at least an hour before bed, but hey ho… Reasons to be cheerful, day three: An awesome selection of randomised tunes from my … Continue reading

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Well, today was my first day of teaching at Stonemonkey in Leamington. How to sum it up? Hmmmm… quiet! My morning class had two ladies, who both seemed to enjoy it and said they’d see me next week, and my … Continue reading

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Wordsworth the dude

I am in Romsey, Hampshire, bracing my stomach for a festive feast this evening, as I have been invited back to the christmas do of the ecological consultancy I used to work for in Winchester (the very lovely ECOSA Ltd). … Continue reading

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