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Spring in my step, sugar in my teeth

The sky is blue, the birds are singing, the crocuses are out, my skin has actually felt the warmth of the sun… Spring seems to have made its debut appearance in Leamington Spa today… ūüôā I have certainly made the … Continue reading

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Forty days is a long time

As I was doing my yoga this morning, with the scent of fried butter on my hair from a gloriously gluttonous Shrove Tuesday with friends last night, I decided that this year I will attempt to give some things up … Continue reading

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This weekend, as I was being massaged by a friend (we¬†were practising for our Thai massage course) I inadvertently made up a new word, which suited its need perfectly and for which, as far as I am aware, a synonym … Continue reading

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A Lakeland adventure

In preparation for this blog post, I brainstormed all of the memories and thoughts that flashed through my head as I contemplated my week in the Lake District.¬†The resultant stream of consciousness made me laugh a lot in its randomness … Continue reading

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Watering the grass

The last couple of days have tended towards¬†indulging in, well, me,¬†if I’m¬†honest… And I know that sounds rather self-obsessed and precious. But…¬†I’ve come to realise that it’s so important to¬†identify the things that make you happy in life, and then … Continue reading

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Come bye

Amidst last weekend’s muggy heat, which was almost approaching Thai sweatiness levels (or has my tolerance just plummeted back to the very British inability to cope with anything too far¬†from ‘mild’?), I found myself standing in a field with probably … Continue reading

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Behind closed doors

Once your days of en masse drunken nights out are behind you, and Friday nights are more of a sit-down than a rave-up, it¬†does become trickier¬†to meet new people.¬†There’s more¬†staying-in than going-out in your thirties, and social get-togethers¬†are increasingly¬†round the … Continue reading

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