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Back on the mat with Hamish Hendry

Recently a fellow yogi asked me if I could let her have a brief summary of the notes I took when Hamish Hendry came to run a workshop at Stonemonkey Studio recently – she had seen me scribbling away as … Continue reading

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Caravan life

This post is brought to you from my new home – on wheels! Having recently lived for three months in a hastily converted Fiat Ducato van, our ‘Swift Challenger’ caravan feels like a veritable mansion. Well, kind of – residents of mansions … Continue reading

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Back in business

I had nigh forgotten about my poor old neglected blog, but then a strange sequence of events has forced its patient presence back into my life over the last twenty-four hours. Last night I went round for dinner with friends and halfway … Continue reading

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Local insights

Well today I officially went all-out Moroccan by having my first hamman at the local massage parlour. I feel AMAZING! I had already had one in Essaouria at a luxury spa, but this was something else – I feel it’s … Continue reading

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Something’s got my goat

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of goats in Morocco. Every morning I wade through a group of them foraging through the stinky Tarazhout public bins, on my way to the car, and this morning I was nearly … Continue reading

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Nagging muezzins and gnarly waves

Well, this morning’s Muezzin certainly gave it some welly. I am slowly becoming accustomed to being woken around 5am by the call to prayer that pierces the town’s slumber over the loudspeaker. This somehow is a fitting symbol of the Moroccan’s … Continue reading

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Salaam alaikum

Greetings from sunny Morocco! Actually the sky outside is currently more of a London dishwater grey than the customary electric blue, but I am in no position to complain. Despite the odd overcast day and even occasional rain (at which … Continue reading

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