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Back on the mat with Hamish Hendry

Recently a fellow yogi asked me if I could let her have a brief summary of the notes I took when Hamish Hendry came to run a workshop at Stonemonkey Studio recently – she had seen me scribbling away as … Continue reading

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Finding my voice

Hmmm, my last blog post sucked a bit. It did though, didn’t it? If I’m honest, it’s the reason I’ve not posted again until now. Chris asked me to read it to him and, in doing so, I became so … Continue reading

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Newt bothering

Being an ecologist has many perks. OK, I often have to get up really early (sometimes 2am early!), but these early mornings often yield good fruits. Being out and about when the day is just stirring always feels like a … Continue reading

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Caravan life

This post is brought to you from my new home – on wheels! Having recently lived for three months in a hastily converted Fiat Ducato van, our ‘Swift Challenger’ caravan feels like a veritable mansion. Well, kind of – residents of mansions … Continue reading

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Back in business

I had nigh forgotten about my poor old neglected blog, but then a strange sequence of events has forced its patient presence back into my life over the last twenty-four hours. Last night I went round for dinner with friends and halfway … Continue reading

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Local insights

Well today I officially went all-out Moroccan by having my first hamman at the local massage parlour. I feel AMAZING! I had already had one in Essaouria at a luxury spa, but this was something else – I feel it’s … Continue reading

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Something’s got my goat

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of goats in Morocco. Every morning I wade through a group of them foraging through the stinky Tarazhout public bins, on my way to the car, and this morning I was nearly … Continue reading

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