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Happy Halloween

This post is brought to you by a glass of merlot and half a staropramen – a pretty heady concoction for a lightweight who’s mostly been doing yoga all week. I’ve just returned from our ‘yoga social’ (much more fun than you … Continue reading

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Today, let me count the ways…

Today has been a good day. Not for any particular reason – just a combination of lots of little things that have made me smile. Firstly, I wrote my first yoga teacher biography for a website (not my own – … Continue reading

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Season of change

One of the great things about living in the UK is experiencing the different seasons. I am definitely someone who is excited by variety and my biggest anathema is things never changing. Therefore it’s natural that my favourite times of year are … Continue reading

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All who wander are not lost…

I noticed the above phrase on a t-shirt in a posh clothing boutique in London when I was down there for the Kino course, and it has stuck in my head since. It taps into some of the thoughts I’ve been having this … Continue reading

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An Autumnal ramble

What better place to be on a crisp, Autumn day than wandering through the reddish palette of the New Forest with good friends, who also happen to be fellow wildlife geeks. The good thing about going for a walk with … Continue reading

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A very Mayan affair

I fell off my bike on the way home from work today. And it wasn’t just any old fall. Oh no, this was a full-on, back-wheel-sailing-over-the-top-of-front-wheel jobbie, which sent me over my handle-bars and deposited me unceremoniously on the road, chin-first, in front of a bored-now-curious … Continue reading

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A walk in the park

Last Sunday, as I walked west from Soho through Hyde Park, I was struck by the beauty of the evening light, as though golden light-rays were pooling together for one last knees-up before the onset of winter. It made me feel all floaty and ethereal … Continue reading

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