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Watering the grass

The last couple of days have tended towards indulging in, well, me, if I’m honest… And I know that sounds rather self-obsessed and precious. But… I’ve come to realise that it’s so important to identify the things that make you happy in life, and then … Continue reading

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Storm and a teacup

Aaah, a rainy August bank holiday weekend. Can there be more of a British summertime cliche? Still, when it’s lashing it down, I find the best thing to do is to get out there and get wet. Then at least you can … Continue reading

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More than a pretty buddha face

I appear to be suffering from blog-runs (kind of like verbal diarrhoea) so, to continue with the theme of yesterday’s blog (i.e. the randomness or otherwise of my current selection of belongings), the photo below illustrates the primary ornamentation in … Continue reading

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The things we need

I sat on my bed last night, looking around in bemusement at the random assortment of belongings in my new room. Last weekend I returned to my parents’ house to collect a car-load of stuff (their ongoing patience with the … Continue reading

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Come bye

Amidst last weekend’s muggy heat, which was almost approaching Thai sweatiness levels (or has my tolerance just plummeted back to the very British inability to cope with anything too far from ‘mild’?), I found myself standing in a field with probably … Continue reading

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Behind closed doors

Once your days of en masse drunken nights out are behind you, and Friday nights are more of a sit-down than a rave-up, it does become trickier to meet new people. There’s more staying-in than going-out in your thirties, and social get-togethers are increasingly round the … Continue reading

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Wherever I lay my mat is my home

Yesterday I said goodbye to my sister’s study and packed up my car with my surprisingly small baggage footprint in order to begin the next chapter of my life. I have to say I was rather impressed that I had managed for two months with … Continue reading

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