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Back on the mat with Hamish Hendry

Recently a fellow yogi asked me if I could let her have a brief summary of the notes I took when Hamish Hendry came to run a workshop at Stonemonkey Studio recently – she had seen me scribbling away as … Continue reading

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Finding my voice

Hmmm, my last blog post sucked a bit. It did though, didn’t it? If I’m honest, it’s the reason I’ve not posted again until now. Chris asked me to read it to him and, in doing so, I became so … Continue reading

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Savage beauty

Sometimes this place takes my breath away with its natural beauty. Two days ago I watched the huge red sun seemingly melt into the horizon over the ocean, at the high speed that you get this close to the equator. … Continue reading

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Nagging muezzins and gnarly waves

Well, this morning’s Muezzin certainly gave it some welly. I am slowly becoming accustomed to being woken around 5am by the call to prayer that pierces the town’s slumber over the loudspeaker. This somehow is a fitting symbol of the Moroccan’s … Continue reading

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Yoga stories

The mind is a perverse beast sometimes… I have inexplicably decided that today, when I have been up since 2:30am doing a bat survey, then straight onto a two hour early-morning intensive yoga class, is the day to return to … Continue reading

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Letting go with Hamish Hendry

Hellooo – I’m back! I’ve been rather distracted from the blog of late, mainly due to experiencing some fine summer weather at last, and the resultant lure of the great outdoors. It’s been a wonderful few weeks full of simple, … Continue reading

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Nocturnal nosiness

I cannot deny that I am an incredibly nosy person. I find people fascinating and just love getting an insight into how different people live their lives and observing human interactions, trying to work out the nature of relationships. I … Continue reading

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